Dogs And Pregnancy Babies

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MyaLynn - January 2

I would like to remark on a thread that got to long, I don't want to rile hairs I'm just sharing my experience.... I had two dogs just under a month ago, I am now 23 weeks pregnant and we are down to one dog and that's the way it'll stay. .. We gave away my husbands dog because she was overly energetic and craved attention to the point she wouldn't leave you alone she had to be on top of you no mater where you were in the kitchen, the bathroom and yes even in the shower she'd jump right in. ... We felt that bring a child into the home would displace this particular dog and she would get jealous. Jealous dogs lead to being bitten and biting leads to muzzles or worse should they draw blood and it wasn't an accident being put to sleep. It was for the dog’s safety and the child safety we gave the dog away. We didn’t want to even try running into the problem. But here is what we did to test it out we downloaded baby crying and played it upstairs His dog went nuts running and trying to find the source of the sound barking and whining and pacing. My dog didn’t even lift an ear muscle. We then later while the crying played we fawned over a toy doll and his dog bumped us and demanded attention then started trying to do things that it wouldn’t normally do to get that attention by chewing things right in front of us. My dog walked to her blanket and laid down. ... The other dog is lazy and only comes to you for attention when you ask her to, though she is a rottie, she is a sweetie and that is fine with me. I'll never leave children only with animals ever. For both the animals sake and the child’s safety. This dog has been temperament tested and approved (even by a couple of my young cousins who sat on her and tugs paws lips and ears, all she did was roll over and tried to get her belly rubbed) and she also comes with a temperament guaranty from the breeder. I would never get a backyard rottie those are recipes for disaster.


well..... - January 2

good for you. I'm never getting rid of my dog, he's a part of my family, and we've raised him to be a good dog.


Rachael mommy2lucas - January 2

You had to do what was right for your situation. I, fortunately had a much more positive result with my 2 dogs. Both of my first babies will stay with me. I couldn't imagine life without any of them, dogs or son.


mama-beans - January 2

Yes, it is hard. I have 2 mini dachschunds, and luckily one LOVED my DD, and the other tolerates her... I am completely in love with my dog babies.. but if I at all felt that my child was in danger of being bit, they would be out the door in a heartbeat. I would find better homes for them where that wouldn't be an issue. Both of my dogs have been raised the same, are the same age, but one of them just doesn't like my DD, although the most she will do is growl and move away. First sign of agression and that is it. I will NOT risk my child, in any way. I'm glad I got lucky with the 2 I have so I didn't have to make that aweful decision.


L - January 2

Some dogs will always be neurotic, but most are like children and just need the proper training about what is expected and permissible while they are still puppies.


mama-beans - January 2

I absolutely agree.. but a dog that grows up to be #3 in the household will definately change it's personality a little when it becomes #4 ( when baby gets here) and you really have no way of knowing how that dog will react. A dog previously pa__sive may take on agressive qualities towards this little person who is taking his spot in the ranking. It only takes 1 bite to be 1 bite too many. Better safe then sorry if you have a dog that you are unsure of.


sye - January 3

when i i had my first child, my fist dog had no problems with her....after i brought satori home, i let nala come and sniff her and let her hang around while i change or feed satori....nala got used to the baby and never showed any behavior out of the ordianary...but if you constantly shooed the dog away and ignore the dog, the dog will become jelaous and no matter what or how good the dog is, never leave the dog alone with any child


Shell - January 3

Each night when my husband visited me in hospital he took home the bunny rug that I had bubby wrapped in and let the dogs sniff it. Also, when you get home from the hospital, you should walk in first and pet the dogs and hubby should follow with the baby. Pets are a responsibility and part of your family and you should manage the introduction of the new baby just as carefully as you would manage bringing home the 2nd baby to your first born child.


sarah513 - January 4

i think that what you did was right... my parents had 2 dogs when i came around and one of them almost killed me so they just got rid of both of them... very very jealous dogs, not hyper or anything, just extremely jealous. but from what i have seen of my friends who recently had children and own dogs, the dogs take care of the baby, they sit with them and watch out for them. even my friend emily has a pitbull who takes care of her baby.. you dont dare touch her when she is sleeping cuz tyson will stare you down lol... 1 dog is def. ok with a baby around especially since it has been around young children... good luck with your baby and doggie!


Em - January 4

You have to know what's best for you and your situation. I love my dog and I will never get rid of him, no matter what. The worst that can happen is that he would have to be separated from us (by use of doors) most of the time or spend his time in the garden instead of the house. But he is a family member and that's the way it will always stay!


H - January 4

I also had two dogs one was a westie and the other a chocolate lab. We now just have the lab because the westie was my too tempermental and jealous. Good for you, children come first!!!


jb - January 4

I am 34 weeks and I also have a dog. I have a 110 pound chocolate lab. He is the sweetest dog I have even known and also is a mama's boy! We have been slowly trying to get my lab use to different things in preparation for the baby. One of the things I was told to do was to take baby lotion, or baby wipes and rub them on his feet and on his head so that the smell would stay with him for a while. My dog actually liked this. Another thing I was told to do was to leave the babys room open for him to "investigate". This way new furnature, smells, etc would not be a sudden shock to his system. I was also told to play the baby crying for him. I have yet to do this though. I am forunate that my dog is pretty mellow to begin with. He is not the typical hyper lab.He actually has that 6th sense that he needs to look after people. MY mother has rheumatiod arthritis with many fused joints, artificial knees, etc and whne I visit my parents, my dog feels like he just needs to get up sometimes and see if she is ok and then he will go back to his nap or eating a bone or whatever. He also has been sleeping on our bed for about the last month. It seems like he knows something is up with me. His cage is still set up next to my side of the bed, but he chooses to lay with me and DH. I think as long as he continues to get his daily trips to the park he and the baby will be best of siblings!!!



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