Don T Buy Anything From Babyuniverse Com

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J - September 1

My husband ordered me a chair 2 weeks ago from this website. I was in love with this chair! I have been waiting for its arrival and finally called the company. They said it was discontinued and they cancelled my order. Well gee a phone call, email or something would have been nice. It really makes me mad now with only weeks to go I have no chair!!!!! I am sooo mad!


N - September 1

that is insane! did they atleast refund your money? The fact that they didn't call you or send you any sort of notification is just bad business ethics, not to mention they could have atleast sent you a cataloge of what they DO have in stock..


Tammy - September 1

I was going to buy my bedding from them but the website said it took 6 weeks and no free shipping. I bought from dreamtime baby and received it in less than 2 weeks with free shipping. Did they confirm your order via email?


J - September 2

They did credit my card for the amount but the chair was $600.00 I was sooo mad now every other chair I find will take 6 weeks. I only have about 5 weeks to go! I was in love with this chair. When I called their manager to find out why I didn't receive a phone call they lied and said that my husband called them and they told him. My husband never did such a thing and is just as confused as I am.


Amaya's mommy aka Stephanie - September 2

We got a chair from Baby Depot. I love it. It is a glider but is so pretty. It doesnt look like an old grandma rocking chair. Have you looked in stores? We have a store here called Pickles and Ice Cream and they have really good stuff too.


Britt - September 3

I dont know if this will help you, but has a really nice glider that comes in several different finishes and fabric. I ordered my stroller, car seat, playpen, and swing from them and everything was free shipping. They were SUPER friendly too and kept us informed by email. If something is out of stock, they work really hard to get that item for you. Good luck finding what it is you want! :)



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