Don T Wanna Drink Water

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Maddie - April 22

Ugh! Is anyone having a hard time making yourself drink water?? I really don't want to. Problem is, I heard that you should never be "thirsty" while preg., as this is your body's last reflex to dehydration. I like OJ, milk, *Sweet Tea*, but I think water sucks, it's so boring, and it makes me PEE!! Someone tell me you're in the same boat. I'd also like to hear of any harm to baby from not drinking enough water. Thanks


P - April 22

You don't have to drink plain water. Just make sure you stay hydrated. Though I think clear liquids are best. Whatever you drink contains water does it not? Don't worry and chug away. :)


April - April 23

Maybe you should try that flavored water from aquafina.. it's new i think... it's actually pretty good.. the raspberry kind especially! I prefer plain water though... just cause I've always loved it... so I'm lucky there


minx - April 23

I sometimes feel like you although there are moments I crave for just plain water. I noticed that when I feel a bit nauseated I hate water ( makes me wanna puke) and look for something with a bit of flavor--so I mix just a teeny wee bit of these fruit concentrates in it for some taste. However, when I go out for a walk and get really thirsty, I suck on a bonbon and then I drink water. Plain water is still best so I try my best to still drink it as much as I can.


Jen - April 23

I have been drinking a ton of minute maid light lemonade. It has a ton of vitamin c and it's so good.


Maleficent - April 23

i don't think you'll suffer if you prefer lemonade or juice. there is still alot of water in it. just don't subsitute water with sodas. lemonade is actually a great way to go, it makes most people thirsty, and thusly, you drink more. what a system for staying hydrated! lol.


Jenn... - April 23

I think that it is simply important that you are getting plenty of fluids. Try to stay away from soda and drinks with too much sugar and calories. Maybe you can sweeten your tea or lemonade with splenda. Somebody mentioned earlier then new flavored Auquafina - it is very good. mmmm....i have been getting a craving lately for the Rasberry Lemonade at Quiznos good!


Raye Lynn - April 23

I would try to drink the water. The amount of sugar in lemonades (typically) can not be good for the body or the baby. If you CANT drink it, add plain lemon, plain lime, plain oranges, or small amounts of juice in with it. Try to stay away from sugar additives and unnatural additives like asparatame found in many sweeteners. Carry a bottle with you everywhere with nothing but water. Soon you will be craving it after you drink it religiously. I didn't like it either, but now drink 128 ounces a day. (doctor recommended).


April - April 23

Yeah you have to be careful with your juice intake too... because a lot of juices have a lot of sugar in them... you're only supposed to have so much per day... i think my dietician told me you're only supposed to drink like 1 or 2 gla__ses of orange juice a day... i'm sure that goes for lemonade and other juices too..


mel - April 24

I think Jen was talking about the light lemonade It has almost no sugar. I drink it as well.


Maddie - April 24

Ok, so I'm gonna make myself start drinking water now. I just found out that NOT drinking water, or becoming DEHYDRATED can cause your uterus to contract and it is the #1 cause for preterm labor. Even slight dehydration can cause you to go into labor. Just like when you are dehydrated, your calf muscles contract...your uterus is a muscle as well, and when preg. that muscle contract when your not drinking enough fluids. Yikes! Just thought I'd fill ya' in.


April - April 24

yeah that's why they tell you that when you're having painful contractions (preterm) the first thing you're supposed to do is drink lots of water and relieve your bladder... then you're supposed to time your contractions.. and if you have 5 or more within an hour you need to call the doctor...


Maddie - April 24

Ahhh...thanks for the info. I'm chuggin away at my water right now!


Z - May 9

I have been drinking less water since I got pregnant. It is so odd of all the things to make you feel ill. Water has not been going down well with me. But I have been drinking lots of milk. I hear that counts.


robinthaqueen - May 19

u need to drink water, so u want get a urinary tract infection, milk is good, tea is not good because it has alot of caffine in it. Water is the best.


Nikki - July 13

I'm a mother of 2 who also does not like water at all, so being that I wasn't getting enough fluids I had my daughter at 32 wks, and my so at 26 wks, for not drinking enough fluids, so to the mothers out there who are worried about what to drink, now I know water is the best solution, if you like it or not.


lynnstress - July 14

I love water. I drink more water than anything else. But here is something to try - make your own lemonade. Start with a big gla__s of water, add a squirt of ReaLemon lemon juice, then add a packet or 2 of Splenda to sweeten. For anyone who will have a cow because I say Splenda, my dr told me on the first visit that Splenda was okay. The book they gave me, printed and distributed by Allina Hospitals and Clinics, says Splenda is safe and does not need to be limited. And according to the 2002 version of "What to Expect When You're Expecting," they say that studies in the US have shown Splenda to be safe. When dining out at a restaurant, I tell them to bring me a big gla__s of all their fruit juices combined with a shot of club soda (not 7 up).



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