Don T Want To Sleep

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Maddie - May 23

Hey everyone...I'm just wondering if anyone else is getting up once your hubby is asleep...creeping into the kitchen...fixing up a snack and sitting at the computer for hours online..and playing solitaire? I don't want to go to sleep for some reason. I'm not nervous or just seems like I have a burst of energy. Can I take Tylenol? You know what is REALLY good to eat? Cheddar cheese heated up in the microwave, then eating it with a fork. Yum!


Heidi - May 23

Are you in your first trimester I take it? I couldn't sleep either. They said Tylenol PM was fine to take. Careful how you eat. I gained too much during my first trimester because I ate a lot of junk food. It's all I craved!


Carol - May 23

I also only craved junk food in my first trimester. I am now 15 weeks and just starting to wnat healthy food again.


Maddie - May 23

I'm in my third trimester...36 weeks along! I don't know what my problem is. I slept fine in my first and second. I just can't sleep for some reason...I'd rather be up all night.


m - May 24

my sleep pattern is all messed up. I'm trying to sleep through the night but find I can only do so if I go to bed late. With my first child, I did the same thing you're doing iin my 3rd trimester. I'd get up and eat cookies and milk. My mother kept telling me to stop that because the baby will wake up at that time . . . Lo and behold she was right! Baby woke up right around that time every night. Did that for months! She never slept through the night till she was about 2!!!!


Lissi - May 24

Same here! As soon as my husband goes to bed, I'm in the kitchen helping myself to ice cream. I also spend most of the night on my computer these days. I hate going to bed, because I know that I'll be woken with cramp after an hour or two. Then I need the baby starts jumping on my bladder at about 3am and I make a made dash for the bathroom. My husband has started snoring too. So, what's the point of going to bed?


Louise - May 24

I haven't been sleeping either. It's so noisy where I work and I like to have the quiet house to myself while everyone is asleep. I'm also not comfortable sleeping on my side and I toss and turn all night bothering my husband. It would be nice if we had another room for one of us to sleep in during the pregnancy. My stomach is so big I can't get close to him now anyway. The middle of night is the best time to catch up on reading pregnancy sites.



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