Dont Fancy Breastfeeding

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Jackie - November 11

Hi Ladies :) im new to this site, read alot of threads and im very intrested in some of the post's and i see you all get alot of advice and support needed, so i thought i'd post my bit in :) ive decided i dont want to br___t feed even tho i get told its better for the baby i really have no reason to why i dont want to so i cant explain myself on that one, i was just wondering when i tell my midwife and nurses i dont want to br___tfeed will it be a big hassle? and if i dont have a good enough reason will they make me do it? im really not sure on that one and i dont want a big fuss so i was wondering if they would apreciate my decision? please reply to what you think thanks


Shannon - November 11

Its a personal decision. Breastfeeding has been proven to be more healty, but if it's not for you dont do it. There are plenty pros and cons to formula and b___stfeeding just do what fits YOUR lifestyle best!


Misty - November 11

Hi Jackie. I am not going to b___stfeed this time either. I did with my first child and I HATED it! He was a reflux baby so I would get ingorged and it was the worst experience of my life! They cannot make you do anything. Good luck!


m - November 11

I agree, they cannot MAKE you do anything. Misty, I'm sorry you had a bad experience. I bf both of my children, and it was an awesome bonding experience for me. But like you said, it isn't for everyone. Also, some women sometimes have a harder time producing enough milk. Jackie, it is solely your decision, and I totally respect that. I just want to make one little suggestion. For the first few days, you might think about doing it so the baby can get the colostrum. Take a look at this page. it explains it You could stop at any time you wanted to. Anyway, you do whatever makes YOU comfortable. Don't worry about nurses, that isy our decision! good luck


Jackie - November 11

thanks for all your reply's i will check them sites out thanks m :)



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