Dont Feel Pregnant Today Concerned

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skylersmom - March 20

i am almost 15 weeks and today when i woke up, i just dont feel like i have all the other days. i feel GOOD! im really freaked out that somethings wrong because i just dont feel pregnant. is it possible for the baby to die inside me and me not know? i havent had any cramps or bleeding...nothing abnormal. im just freaked out . you guys, im sooooo freaked out i think i might go buy one of those fetal doppler things where you can listen to the heartbeat whenever you want. anyone know how much those cost? im scared :(


mtlquebec - March 20

It sounds to me like you've hit the point of your pregnancy that all the c___ppy things like headaches, morning sickness, b___st tenderness, etc are not as extreme or just go away. I've been reading this is normal in the second trimester - it's a good thing! But if you're worried, call your doctor I'm sure he/she will put your mind at ease.


AppleCake - March 20

Yup. That happened to me too. I think it's something to do with the placenta taking over making hormones or something. I still don't really feel preg now- but I am lucky that I have been able to see and feel movement quite early's a tremendous rea__surance.


JESS1980 - March 20

I wouldn't worry about this AT ALL!! I had the same problem. For the first 3 months of my pregnancy, I woke up feeling yucky and nauseated EVERY DAY....and was sick morning, noon and night. Then, at about 15 weeks, I woke up one morning and felt normal again. No sickness, no feeling yucky.....I just felt regular. I was extremely concerned. I called my Mom and she said this was normal. But what really made me feel better was when I went to the doctor a week later for my monthly check-up, and I got to hear the baby's heartbeat again. So, it turned out that the baby was fine and I was fine. These days I still feel pretty normal. Every now and then I will have a "yucky" day, but overall I feel great. I am almost 18 weeks. So, just relax and ENJOY this wonderful, normal feeling!


skylersmom - March 20

thanks you guys. i will try and relax. i dont have a doctors appointment until the 28th. it was just weird because im used to waking up feeling ill and today was totally different. usually i at least feel that the baby is in there, and i dont even feel that. i did go buy the heartbeat thing but i cant hear it. im waiting until my fiancee gets home. maybe he can help me find it. thank for making me feel better though. i appreciate it!


kh - March 20

At 15 weeks, sounds like you're right on target for feeling great. Enjoy it because you'll be so uncomfortable at the end! Well, maybe you'll be one of the lucky ones who feels good till the day you deliver. Depending on what kind of heartbeat monitor you got, you may not be able to hear it until about 20 weeks. That's what I've heard. I have one (bebe sounds) and I have never been able to hear it. Last time I tried was around 30 weeks and I still couldn't hear it. I think the cheap ones are pretty worthless, so don't be discouraged if you can't find it.


Johnna - March 20

I have the Bebe sounds and you can not hear the babys heart beat until 20 weeks along. I am 14 weeks along and I know how you are feeling right now. I just had a miscarriage in October and now pregnant again so I understand why you would be thinking that because I truly understand. We need not to worry, My next doctor visit is not until the 30th I can't wait either just to make sure everything is okay.


skylersmom - March 20

yeah that is exactly what i just went and bought. it says on the package some moms have heard it sooner than 20 wks. so i bought it anyway. i have no idea what im listening to in there! i know i dont hear the heartbeat though no matter how hard i try. your right, we need to not worry. i have a doctors appt. in a week so ill just wait. what else have you been feeling lately? if your press on your lower stomache, does it feel weird?


skylersmom - March 21

well, i broke down and went to the er today. they were so helpful and nice. at first she couldnt find the heartbeat i was soooo scared. but then she found it and it was 164. then the ultra sound showed the most amazing pictures. my baby was waving and sucking its thumb. i feel so much better now. so now i will relax and enjoy feeling good! good luck to you all


skylersmom - March 21

and thanks



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