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Kayla13 - September 21

Ok so I have been on BC for 9 years and in 2000 I stopped taking them for about 6 months then went back on. Well I stopped taking them in July this year and AF hasnt come the same time each month and so I never know when I am ovulating. Is there anyone that can help me with this what should I do?I have taken ovulation kits and everything and they always come up N. So I dont know what to do


sashasmama - September 21

It hasn't been that long since you discontinued taking the pill. It takes longer for some women than it does for others to get back to their regular cycles. Are you trying to get pregnant or are you trying to prevent a pregnancy by using "natural planning"? I suggest you wait a couple more cycles to let things fall back in line. Since you have been on birth control for years, it might take up to a year for your cycles to regulate. My sister in law has been taking the pill since she was 16 and now she's 27, she stopped 7 months ago because she's trying to conceive now, her cycles are still very irregular and she hasn't been able to pinpoint her ovulation. I think that after you give it a couple more months, it will regulate itself, there is nothing really you can do in the meantime, maybe could try taking basal body temperatures and checking for egg white cervical mucous. You can google both, tons of info on how to do it out there. Or you could try a different brand of ovulation kits (I prefer First Responce). But in the mean time if nothing of the above works, waiting for your periods to get regular is the best bet. Also, since you have different lenght cycles, one thing you can be for sure is that there is always a 2 week period between ovulation and the beginning of your next period. But that can vary too of course.


Grandpa Viv - September 22

Kayla, you are a good candidate for temperature charting. After 15 years on hormones and at your age it will be comforting to see the ovulation pattern settle down. It could take several months, maybe longer. Buy a BBT thermometer and visit Good luck!


Tory1980 - September 23

I would recommend to start charting using a site like fertilityfriend and buy a BBT thermometer like Grandpa Viv has said. That is one sure way to make sure you are ovulating. I was on the Pill for 10years and fell pregnant on it so for me I was kind of 'lucky' although he was a surprise! It sounds like your body is trying to regulate itself anyway and it's good AF is showing up even if it is random! Taking Ovulation kits without having a fair idea on when you should ovulate s only wasting your money. They are good to confirm ovulation (kind of as a back up) but no good for actually trying to pinpoint it. Good luck!


Kayla13 - September 24

Thanks all for your advice... I went to the website and I am a little confused about it all but I think I will figure it out. Thanks again



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