Dont Want To Work My Last Month

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cindy - May 13

I was just wondering if anybody knows if I could ask my doctor if he can put me on disabilty for the last month of my pregnancy and will I get paid for it because I heard that you get 4 weeks before pregnancy and 6 weeks after pregnancy


what? - May 13

do you have health problems or are you just plain lazy? dont you think a month is a bit much.... but then again, i have a bit of a work ethic about myself.


:o) - May 13

I think it depends on where you live. Like in California they have special programs for mothers to be able to "bond" with their newborns . My sister in law stopped working when she was still 6mo prego, i guess she complained to her Dr. about every little discomfort and she got disability. I do think you need some time before baby gets here to get thinks done, but I think my sister in law just went too far on that one.


hey now... - May 13

That's not very nice! Maybe Cindy has a medical reason for this! Why are you judging her and not answering her question... rude b___h. Cindy, I would say to check with your HR department about this. My sister was put on bed rest for most of her pregnancy and her employer at the time (who is a MAJOR cell phone company) had to grant her medical leave without firing her. Ask your employer about this and then talk to your doctor about your options. Baby has to come first if you are having problems.


monica - May 13

I guess you can judge me too, because I plan to stop working 3 weeks before my due date. I pay every paycheck for disability I might as well us this time to bond with my first child before my baby arrives and to clean up and pack the bag to go to the hostpital. I also want to nap because once the baby comes its good by sleep.


cindy - May 13

I am not lazy I work 45 hours a week and I have three kids and one on the way I wake up at 4 am in the morning and work all day and then when I get home I babysit and I have high blood suger and I do live in california so I will give it a try thanks


Jenn... - May 13

I have had no complications throughout my pregnancy and had my doctor write me out of work 3 weeks early. Yay!! It is great to be at home where I can kick up my swollen marshmellow feet and relax.


Lynn - May 14

If your employer doesn't provide paid maternity leave (most don't), see if you can use any remainding sick time earned. My company gives the option of unpaid maternity leave as required by law, or you can use any unused sick time first, and if you need more time then you can use unpaid leave. I don't think you're being lazy for asking either. I plan to take 1 month before and 2 months after for maternity leave. I wouldn't want to go into labor at work!



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