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Lina - February 7

Hi, Has anyone used a doppler at home? I ordered one on line, and it took me a very long time to find the heartbeat. I have trouble finding it on different days. I am 9 weeks, but heard the heartbeat for the first time at 8.5..did anyone else have the same difficulty using a doppler at home?


Mrs.Ireland - February 7

I also orderd one for at home us and it does take a while to find the heart beat. Just take your time and go slow over your belly. I am 14 weeks and it still sometimes takes a little while to find it. I also think that when you use more gel it seems easier, but that's my opinion. Dont get worried though because you are still early and the baby is so tiny :-)


Lina - February 7

Hi Mrs. Ireland, Do you wonder how it is that the OBGY can find it so easly? I found the rapind beats right near the sound of the wind and "swooshing" noise,but sometimes it is very hard to hear.


Mrs.Ireland - February 7

Well when I had mine at the OB, they did it v____ally twice and then once on my tummy and it took him a while and he told me not to worry if he didn't find it. Is your uterus tilted? Mine is, that's why he said it may be harder to find. But, once you get further long it'll be a breeze hon :-)


Lina - February 8

I don't know if my uterus is t_tled. I had a micarriage (missed abortion) and had to have a D and C it was horrible. That is why I got the doppler this time. I just foud waiting for my 10 week apointment agonizing. It is so hard to wait. I thought the doppler would ease some stress, but sometimes I panic when I can't find the heartbeat which is not always in the same place. i just hope this one is ok.


squished - February 8

I think that it's great that you could find the heartbeat at 8.5w. A lot of people I know couldn't find anything until 12w. Even my doc won't try to find it until you are at least 12w. You actually are pretty good at!


Mrs.Ireland - February 8

Honey- I have had three miscarriages prior to this one, so I know what you are going through. I will through in a extra prayer for you and baby :-)



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