Double Baby Shower

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L - July 13

Mine and my sister's due dates a within weeks of eachother, and even though we are very close we don't have any friends in common.The idea of us having a double baby shower has come up, but I'm worried of how uncomfotable it would make our friends. Neither of us expect our friends to buy gifts for the sister they don't know but are afraid they will feel obligated. Should we just abandoned the joint shower idea and disappoint our family or should we go ahead with it and just hope our friends can cope?


Julz - July 13

I love the idea of a double baby shower. So what if they feel obligated to buy the other sister gifts. No one said the gifts had to be expensive, and you can never have too many diapers or wipes. To me, it just makes so much more sense to have both of your showers at the same time.


shelly - July 13

See, i would not want to have a double shower.For one;not to sound selfish,but this is such a special time and i do want the attention to be on me and my baby.I would also feel more myself with MY friends,and i do think that some may feel obligated to buy for both moms.And i'm not talking about expensive gifts.I registered and i got 99% of the stuff under $15 dollars,if they want to spend more they can buy multiple items.I only put a baby swing on there but i expect family to get that for me.Whichever way you go,you have to do what YOU feel like,and just enjoy...


kellie - July 13

If I were invited to a double baby shower I would definately feel obligated to buy gifts for both people. But, that's just me. =)


sophie - July 14

You could briefly explain the situation and mention not to feel obligated to buy for both. Make it lighthearted and make it sound fun. I for one wouldn't want to have a double shower only because it sounds kind of hectic... GL and have fun whatever you decide.


Wanda from NM - July 14

Have a double baby shower for family members, and then have individual showers with your personal friends.


Shelly - July 14

L,any idea what you are going to do or are you still undecided?I'm just curious



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