Down Baby

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April - September 17

I was just at my doctors and she suggested a test to check to see if the baby has down .Its not nessassary but she said most women like to ease their minds. Should I take it?? She said its optional.


k - September 17

take the test even though it is optional it is really one less thing you have to worry about as for me myself i opted out of the test for my last two babies i did not care either way i would love them and keep them no matter what but with my first two i had the test because i was young and i wanted my mind at ease so i did not have to worry about anything else so it all really depends on how you feel about the whole situation


sabrina - September 17

my doctor told me the test won't give you a straight out yes or no answer so you dont really need to bother with it, but you may still wanna take it


Sheila - September 18

My sister works for an OB & she had told me that her OB suggests it to every woman b/c he has to but he does not strongly urge a woman to have the amnio unless she is 35 or over. Downs is more prominent in woman who get pregnant at or over 35. You should be aware that there are risks w/having the amnio-- Did your doctor tell you those? If you are not 35 or over, I would not concern myself w/it since there are risks w/having one. I did not have an amnio until I got pregnant w/my second child-- I was also 37 at the time of pregnancy.


Trudy - September 18

I would not have one unless you are in your mid 30's or older. It is not necessary otherwise. I have been told you are sore afterwards & there is a risk that it can cause you to go into premature labor.


Ben - September 18

My wife and I just had healthy twins. My wife was not tested to see if the twins had Downs Syndrome. However, the doctor did leave it up to us. We decide we wanted the babies either way so why have the test. It is a personal decision.


April - September 18

Thanks everyone for oyur input. Apparently its a 2 part test. First part u have to be at 11-15 weeks. They do an ultrasound... than blood work. Than they said the second part is just blood work. If it comes back irregular than thats when I go in and have the needle stuck in my tummy.... I thought that if u were under 35 there was no need. I am 23. My boyfriend said its pointless because he would want to have it regardless. My doctor said sometimes it causes alot of anxiety, awaiting the results, and its not nessa__sary. I worry about everything so Im sure it would drive me nuts!



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