Down Sydrome

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megan1800 - February 21

hi can anyone help me i need to know if you have a child with downs and trying for a baby again can the next baby be downs i had the baby while taking clomad the fertility drug as well i am allso on warfrine for blood clots and suffer with a hermonal inbalance sorry about the spelling thanks p.s my daughter is 6 years of age


SaraH - February 21

I have a brother w/ downs syndrome and from what I know about genetics, having one child w/ downs shouldn't increase your chance by much if anything. Down Syndrome is caused in about 95% of all cases by an improper splitting of the cells that make the sperm or egg. A person generally has 46 chromosomes. When the cell splits it is normally suppose to produces 2 cells w/ 23 chromosomes each. These cells w/ the 23 chromosomes are the eggs/sperm. Then when the a sperm and egg combine the baby ends up w/ the normal 46 chromosomes that a person typically has. Sometimes though when a cell w/ 46 chromosomes splits to make the 2 cells w/ 23 chromosomes, something goes wrong and 1 of the cells ends up taking both copies of chromosome 21(we have 2 copies of each chromosome and when the cell splits in half it's suppose to take 1 copy of each). Therefore when conception occurs w/ an egg/sperm that has both copies the child has an extra chromosome number 21. This means the baby has 47 chromosomes instead of the normal 46, and when the extra chromosome is number 21 the person has Downs syndrome. So, Downs syndrome is a genetic abnormality, but it is normally a "fluke" type thing. It is not something that the parents "carry" like many disorders but rather something that just happened to occur randomly for the most part when the cells were dividing to produce the egg/sperm. So, the chance of it happening again does not increase by much if anything just b/c you already have a child w/ downs syndrome. There is always a chance it could occur again, as everyone has a chance of having a child w/ downs syndrome. Just b/c you already have a child w/ it though does not increase the chance of it happening again by much. I believe it raises the chance by something like 1%. The ultimate factor for an increase chance of downs syndrome is your age, not the fact that you already have a child w/ downs. For every women the chance of having a Downs syndrome child increase w/ age. The only exception to all of this is if your child has a form of Downs syndrome known as Translocation Down syndrome. If this is the case then you have a 1 in 3 chance of the Downs syndrome being "carried"/"inherited" by you or the father. This is the case though in only a very very very small number of ppl who have downs syndrome. For translocation downs syndrome to be "inherited" then either you or the father would have to be missing a chromosome -meaning you'd only have 45 chromosomes instead of 46-- (you wouldn't necessarily know if this were the case. You would be missing a chromosome but since ppl have 2 copies of each chromosome you would only be missing 1copy. So, you'd still have 1 copy and therefore you would have all of your genetic info and nothing would be wrong w/ you). If this were the case and you were missing a chromosome then there is something like a 20% chance of having another child w/ downs. If it were the father who was missing a chromosome then the chance is less but still higher then that of two parents who both have 46 chromosomes. As I said before this is probably not of any concern to you as the chances of your daughter having translocation downs is very slim, and the chance of you or the father being a carrier for it is even slimmer. So, talk to your doctor about it if you are concerned, but ultimately the chance of a 2nd child w/ downs is probably not increase by much if anything for you. Anyways, I'm sorry if I gave you some info you already know or was really confusing. I wanted to try to explain why it's more of a "fluke" type occurance and probably not something that you "pa__s on" or "carry" in your genes. Hope that helped some. Again if you are really concerned talk to your doctor. Good luck.


megan1800 - February 21

hi thanks for getting back to me i am 30 years of age and my doctor told me its 99 percent chance of having a baby with downs again i allso have to other children that dont have downs but not fathered from my partner i am hoping to go off warfrine soon so we can try and have one more baby if possable not sure about my chances as i suffer from a hormone balance your info has been great thanks heaps



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