Dr Sending Me For Pt But Been Bleeding Heavy

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justjo - January 23

Ok my Dr is really doing my head in. I went to see him today because last week I thought I might of been a week late but not sure. Sunday i lost some brown discharge not a lot just when I went the loo. Tue/wed/thurs i bled quite alot (using nearly 2 boxes of tampons) Then friday morning it stopped.From friday night through to sunday morning I bled little amounts only when I went to pee.Hardly needing any pads. Now then since thursday i have been getting light headed nearly to the point of passing out. I feel like i'm on drugs or something...........(but i aint LOL) Now then because of my nearly passing out I made an appointment to see my doc today. he checked my blood pressure all ok. he had a good feel of my tummy and told me to go pee in a bottle and have them send it of for a pregnancy test. he told me to go put my feet up and rest. Now then how the h__l can he send me for a preg test when I just told him I have been bleeding and it was HEAVY!!! anybody got any ideas?? please.Has anybody got Positive test when bleeding??


DownbutnotOUT - January 23

You could be pregnant and having a m/c that was one of the risks I was told about when having my m/c excessive bleeding and going through a pad an hour; it happened to my SIL who got an immediate D&C. it is possible for HCG to still be high enough to get a + even though you have been bleeding. I hope it was just a late and funny period. take care


SaraH - January 24

He probably wants to see if you are possibly miscarrying (It is also possibly to bleed during a pregnancy and still be okay but it sounds like you’ve bleed a lot so to me it sounds like a possible miscarriage (m/c)). I personally had a m/c that was a chemical pregnancy. I got my "period" (what I thought was my period) on time. I had thought that I might have been pregnant and had taken an hpt the day before my period (AF) was due and it was very faint to the pt that I thought it was a negative. Then when I got my "AF" the next day, when it was due, I a__sumed I was not pregnant. My "AF" lasted for ~5 days (which was a normal time for me) and it was pretty much a "normal" AF, although I did have bad cramps w/ it that painkillers didn't do anything to help w/. The second day that I got over my “AF” I started bleeding again --very lightly. As I had suspected a possible pregnancy before I getting my “AF,” I had a suspicion that maybe I was m/c'ing. I took another hpt and this time it was very positive. So, I saw my doc and it turned out I had a chemical pregnancy -which is a really early m/c where most ppl don't even realize they are pregnant.-- I ended up bleeding a total of 15 days over a 17 day period and was into my family doc and the OB a couple of times because the bleeding got heavy again and lasted for so long. They did check my HCG levels (pregnancy hormone) to make sure that it was decreasing as they were concerned that maybe I had an ectopic (tubal) pregnancy --which maybe part of what your doc wants to rule out. Anyways, as I said, it is possible that you could still be pregnant, even w/ bleeding but it sounds more like you may be experiencing a chemical preg. I would say your doc is just covering all the bases and that you should be grateful he's not brushing you off over this as I've heard plenty of women whose doc's have just brushed them off. Good luck and I hope I gave you a bit of info that helps. Let me know what you find out. Hugs


justjo - January 24

Thanks Ladies for your advice. I will let you know of my out come.



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