Drano Test For Sex Determination

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Fiona - March 24

Has anyone ever tried the drano test to determine the s_x of the baby? How do you do it? How soon and how do you interpret the results? Were your results accurate?


KM - March 24

I did at 7 mnths pregnant. Its just a for fun thing. You won't get acurate results. Mine were wrong. If it's a golden/brown color its girl, green=boy.


penny - March 24

There apparently is one that is with the liquid (not crystals) and if it's cloudy its a girl, clear it's a boy. My sister claims its true for all those that she's seen..??? Who knows, I did it and it said I was having a girl...........so we'll see if it's right. (I already have two boys, so a girl would be a GOOD thing, but either way I'll be happy) :)


^..^ - March 25

You all should not be playing with drano while you are pregnant.


stacey - March 28

what exacrly is the test, and how do you do it? Just curious!


dms - March 28

I did the experiment during the first trimester. I mixed a tsp. or a tbsp.( i cant remember which) with my urine in a cup. The results were accurate both times. Orange/Red for a boy and Blue/Green for a girl. Mine turned orange both times and 7 years later i sit here with two boys.


lol - March 28

Mixing drano with urine does not sound like a healthy choice at all.



What will humans come up wih NEXT???


to anyone? - March 29

what is drano?


tara - March 29

I want to do this just for fun, but I guess it's important to know if it's a tbsp or tsp! To anyone - Drano is the liquid that you can buy to unpluggs your clogged up pipes (sinks).


Cat - March 29

it is equal amounts Example 1tsp of drano to 1tsp urine


to anyone? - March 29

thanks tara! what a strange thing to do,never heard of that before!


Katy - May 23

Yes...I tried it for each of my 3 pregnancies...after I was at least 4 months along and it worked 100% accurately for me. I was told look for brown or yellow for a girl and blue or green for a boy. I had three girls and three brown tests...hope this helps!


Jbear - May 24

Careful, everyone! When I was in 7th grade a boy in my science cla__s poured water into drano crystals, put a lid on the jar, and a couple of seconds later it blew off and made a hole in the cla__sroom ceiling. Several of the pets in the cla__sroom died from the fumes, too. I don't think drano is a good toy. Stick to the wedding ring test, or the other fun ones you read about.


Ang - May 24

so what would it be if your having twins? ones a boy and ones a girl???


Ang - May 25

I did it...mind u I don't know if I am PG yet...but it foamed up and filled the cup.


DUH! - May 25




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