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lin7604 - May 30

what would you make of this. I have had a few dreams that i had a baby girl and in conversation in my dreams i refer to it as a SHE, but in a normal ( real life)conversation i catch myself refering to it as a HE. what do you think? I was told that if you dream of a boy it will be a girl and vise versa. What do you believe/think.


angie m - May 30

I had a dream with my last pregnancy (the only one I didn't find out the s_x of the baby) that I delivered my baby and check and it was a girl. Then that I had the baby all dressed up in a pretty dress. Every one told my by the way I was carring that I was having a boy. I thought no way my dreams were so real I had to be having a girl. I was so supprised when I delivered a cute little BOY. So in my case my dreams were wrong but who knows. I think the supprise is so great, more so when the baby is the oppisite of what we think we are having. I am not sure how far along you are but let us know what you end up haveing. Good luck.


venus_in_scorpio - May 30

ive had dreams both ways,like every other night its a girl and every other night a boy. so no help for me there!!! how far along are you? you should get to find out at 20 weeks. I have 5 weeks to wait and I am bugging out!! my next appt is june 29, thats when I should know...


snugglybugglys - May 30

My dreams have always been right on, and from the beginning. I dreamt with my first before I even found out I was prego that I gave birth to a little girl in my Grandparents house. With my boys I dreamt that when they were born the dr said baby A is a boy and baby B is...then I'd wake up. Then with my 4th child I dreamt that I had a girl before I even got prego with her...but it was completely about her.


lin7604 - May 30

thanks for your views everyone, i am currently 18.5 ( from conception) and have a ultrasound on june 7th, hopefully we will be able to find out and put my poor mind to ease.


olivia - May 30

My husband and I both dreamed it was a girl. Everyone thought I was carrying a boy but in the end, we were right. A little girl! My dream was I found a zipper in my stomach and unzipped it. I carefully took the baby out and peaked. It was sort of ambiguous and I was confused until someone walked by and said "do you know what that means?" I said "no" and he said "it's a girl!". I carefully put her back in and zipped back up hoping the doctor would not be able to tell I peaked.


singlem0m - May 30

Hey Lin, I had a dream about my sister's baby when she was pregnant. Everyone was telling her it was a girl by the way she was carrying, craving, etc. But I had a dream it was a boy and he looked just like his dad. She ended up having a baby boy that is the spitting image of his father. Sometimes dreams can be strange :)


lin7604 - May 30

olivia: that is the cutest dream i have ever heard of, thatks for the chuckle



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