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sm - February 27

Lately i've been having dreams about my fiance's ex girlfriend. (which i weird b/c they were together more than 5 yrs ago) They're always so vivid!!!!!! They're so unexplainable and unreal!!! What are some of your CRAZY and Weird dreams you've had lately???


?? - February 27

What does this have to do with pregnancy?


To ?? - February 27

Supposedly while your pregnant you have more vivid and maybe weirder dreams....... It's just something that "some" women go through......


S- - February 27

not sure if I am pregnant, but last night I dreamed that I had to babysit these animals for a mother bat. As soon as she left, the baby animals (which were like big stuffed animals) all got out of their cage - small birdhouse that they really wouldn't fit in anyway-. Anyway, I had to go all around the house (huge mansion) to find them all w/o letting anyone else know that I lost them. In the end I got them all back and I think these 2 kids helped me. I forget what the animals were- spider, owl, and a few other things I can't remember. Now that I am thinking about it...it almost seems like I am worried about being a bad mother. hmmmm (sorry so long)


meagan - February 28

Lately I have been having dreams about my past, boyfriends, bestfriends, highschool members, and so forth. Im only 22 and on my second baby, when I had my first I was 19. Back then I was not aware of websites like this, and I was afraid of being pregnant. What people would think of me and how good of a mother I would be. After having the baby those mother instincts surely did kick in and I did not care what people thought in public. Im only 9 weeks and I think that all that fear is coming back, especially since its my 2nd time around. Only this time my babys father is my hubby and we were trying for another baby. I am really happy about being pregnant, I quess all that pressure about having another one is finally kicking in. Im so thankful for you supportive people out there.


P - February 28

I yelled at my boyfriend a lot in my dreams. lol Poor guy, when I finally stopped yelling at him in my dreams I started yelling at him in HIS dreams . lol


rose - February 28

lol P!!! poor guy cant catch a break ...hahaha


Maleficent - February 28

the other night i dreamed that i was bruce willis in a movie where brad pitt was my lover. ick. pregnancy dreams are fun huh?


nickollette - February 28

well lets see, so far ive had a dream my bf left me for my best friend and they got married, i had one where i walked in on him looking at one of his friends gf and he told me he was leaving me to join them so i told him i cheated on him and he didnt care. ive been having ones of delivering prematurely which freaks me out, bc in the dream no one believes me im in labor and let me go until the baby falls on the floor, and several where my bf got back with his ex.


nickollette - February 28

its gotten to the point where i dont remeber too many of the dreams, but i wake up or wake myself up at least once a week crying hysterically, and everytime i wake my bf up crying and he has to wake me up asking whats wrong, but im soo mad at him from the dreams i yell at him and i just feel bad for him all around...lol


KND - March 9

A couple of days ago I had a dream that my neighbor called me to check her yard and when I answerd the phone I had no voice. I got up lloked in the mirror and my eyes were swollen black and blue my neck was swollen and my lips were huge. I went to the doctor and they told me I was allergic to my pregnancy. I then woke up scared to death! Now thats crazy!


Ruby - March 10

I've been having crazy dreams too. I'm always kicking a__s in my dreams. I'm either a martial arts expert on a secret mission or I'm winning a battle with the devil (who happens to be a tree branch!). I can't wait to go to sleep at night for the next adventure!


leslie - March 10

I just had a horrible dream like 2 nights ago.. I dreamt that I was having an abortion..and all the details of an abortion..I don't know if this is bec. that same day I was reading about abortion procedures..I feel so bad..I am 10 weeks preg


Lovely - March 10

I think the vivid dreams have something to do with the elevated hormone level we are experiencing. My dreams lately are a mix of violent/gruesome occurences vs just plain WEIRD! I had a dream my hubby and I were making out (he comment that OF COURSE this was a dream, since my s_x drive has completely disappeared! lol!) and he stopped, because he had to go on another "shift" with another woman. She walked by our bedroom door (!) and I started to scream at her, that she should go (sarcastically) and have fun... with another woman's husband... who's PREGNANT!!! In my dream, I was too pregnant to kick either's a__s, but in real life... I would anyway! HA!


Billie - March 10

I had a weird dream that I was trying to b___stfeed my new baby. Only it wasn't my baby. It was the baby that I had seen earlier on Birth Day.


nikki - March 10

hey! This is my third pregnancy, and never before did I have such strange dreams! Alot of them have to do with the baby, such as, the leg being on backwards or that I go back to work the next day, after delivery, and forget to feed the baby! But I also have alot of s_x dreams!....and not just ordinary s_x either...


JustMe - March 10

I've been having dreams every night. But the only thing I really know about them when I wake up, is that I had yet another dream. It's like I try to block them out or something. I might remember a little bit about them at first, but as I start to wake up more, it's like they just disappear. I DID have one freaky-a__s dream where I kept trying to find this hot-looking guy who was a famous BMX racer. When I finally found him (I found out where he lived) He was surrounded by 'groupies' and he only wanted to talk to me. Especially after I told him I was pregnant with his child. He was ok with that, but then he goes and asks me: 'You know I'm half-black, right?'. (i am caucasian) to which I reply: 'Um, yeah...I knew that, I've never had a problem with that.' Then as my dream moves on, I am at my place and he's looking for me. On his way to my place he runs into one of my ex boyfriend's (who is half-black) and they talk about the fact that 'I'm ok with that'. It was freakin' weird! I don't even know yet if I am pg, but if I am, the father of the baby is half white, half samoan. That was a freaky dream, man!



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