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smskam - May 5

Ok.. I am not pregnant (atleast that is what the hpt's say so far ) though i do feel i am ...coz of the many weird symptoms and 2 scanty AF'S.Anywyas I will find out soon hopefully. I have been having so many dreams baby dreams....how many of u have had such dreams before knowing u were pregnant ....and they came true later?


MystinaAlise - May 5

the first two or three weeks of my pregnancy i had very vivid dreams of a baby girl but i didnt believe i was pregnant... ill find out in a few weeks if im having a girl but i am deff. preg


smskam - May 6

that is so weird...so u did dream about pregnancy and were pregnant indeed!!! i have had like 4-5 dreams. THE FIRST ONE: was me sleeping on my bed and waking up to find a small baby placed next to me.The baby was a girl or boy is hard to say. SECOND DREAM: i had a baby girl in my arms and supposedly given birth only a day or two ago, but the baby was a chatterbox... i was asking the baby"hey aren't u a newborn how come u r speaking like an adult" LOL:-) and the baby says" yea i was born on the 22nd of feb or so" THIRD DREAM :I had was that I had given birth to a boy and was at my maternal house and my friends from my husband's side were coming over to visit me and I was telling myself"who says i can't have a boy" I think i was refering to the chinese calender...FOURTH DREAM: wsa me lying on a bed lazily and a small toddler(boy mostly) was playing with a dog and then left that dog to come to me and was gesturing for me to pick him up on the bed" FIFITH dream was: i was visiting a lady doc and she made me sit on a bar stool like chair and just looked at my behind :-)and said "oh u r pregnant " and i jump up and stand in surprise and say "no way, how an u say that when u did not even check me .. can u just tell by seeing my waist /behind???"and she syas " oh yes and u rabout 4 months along" and i keep saying no way!! totally shocked and she says "i can even tell u when u will give birth and gives me a time and date .. i can't remember very well but i think it was 10.15 or so and date was again something like 22nd or 25th"... that was so weird too...SIXTH : recently i dreamt about a little girl who came to me coz this man who was with her, sent her to me saying that the kid's chin looked like my brother's and so the little girl was perhaps my brother's child.. bizzare!!and my brother who was with me was denying that ... i was mad at my brother for not talking responsibility when the girl left with that man..she was a beautiful 4-5 years old kid wearing a dark lipstick and i wiped that off her lips and told her if she were to live with us, she couldn't wear any makeup until she was 18-19 years old.. and the kid left with the other man coz she loved makeup a lot and couldn't be without it.....she had these perfect pink soft lips underneath the dark mauve lipstick... my brother kept saying "there is no way i can have a baby///..i don't have any kids"... our minds also play games i guess... so weird...i may be thinking about being pregnant and i am sure our subconcious is also at work when we sleep .. but i am waiting to see if these dreams i have been having for the past two three months mean anything atall... please do let me know if ur dream comes true!!


LadyD - May 8

I believe that dreams give signs of babies. I haven't had any vivid dreams like that, but people I know and in my family believe that when you dream of fish, someone is pg or if you have a mouse in your house. I know it may sound a lil silly to the non-believers but I have honestly seen it happen. My mom dreamt about fish when I was pg and I did not tell her b/c I wanted to surprise her when I moved back to my homestate. I personally dreamt one time about a friend being pg, she didn't believe me: Her daughter is 10 now. Sorry 1 more story: About 2 months ago, I had another dream about fish, lots of them and one of my closest friend's from high school found out she is about 3 mths pg. I guess if you are a believer, it will come true. Good luck!


smskam - May 9

LadyD:oh no!! don't be sorry!! thank u for writing.. u know in korea i think, if i am not wrong, fish is a conception dream..so u may be right .. who knows...infact i forgot ,but one of my neighbours; told my husband a couple weeks ago that shr dreamt that i was preg!!! so many people have these dreams and lots of people beleive in these... but i wanted to know for sure of first hand experiences.. so if ur mom did dream.. there must be something to it.. coz even my mom had dreamt of some fruits.. i don't remember much though .. for example: if u dream of a particular fruit,depending on what fruit it is ..it means u will have either a boy or a girl.../// many cultures also beleive in it.. my mom generally has dreams that come true a lot.. so u never know our minds are very mysterious...!..sometimes u don't believe in things, until they happen to u .. i think anything is possible...thanks so much for ur input.. if i do turn up being preg, i wil let u all know...!! good luck!!


smskam - May 9



tanya99 - May 10

I had a Very vivid dream I was holding a baby in my arms. I couldn't tell if it was a boy or girl. I woke up from that dream and ran to the bathroom and took a Pregnangy test. It was positive :)!


smskam - May 10

tanya99: hey that is so wonderful.. immediate results:-) good for you..i guess ur intutions are very strong. thanks for posting ur experience.


LadyD - May 10

smskam, I think you forced me into a dream...lol. On the 8th when I typed that other message, I had a dream that night that I was pg, no lie. I think b/c I was thinking too hard about it. Let's hope it actually happens...for everyone!


snugglybugglys - May 10

With my first I had a dream about having a baby girl at my grandparents house weird, but I later found out I was prego, and had a little girl. Also with my 4th baby, I had a dream about a month before I got prego about a baby girl, and well I had another girl. They were VERY vivid! One of the dreams with my first I saw exactly what she looked like, and it was true!


smskam - May 10

ladyD..that is funny...u never know!!!.. maybe this will also come true!! Good luck!!Keep us posted!!


smskam - May 10

snugglybugglys...that is amazing.. twice ???and they came true both the times..how nice!! i think it is true that most women are intuitive.. some of us don't pay too much attention, but i guess if we really did, we are very telepathic...thanks so much!


anon - May 10

The dreams about fish I have heard of but I never heard that a mouse in the house was sign.


anon - May 10

LadyD are you saying that you really have a mouse in your or dreaming you have a mouse in your house is a sign of pregnancy.


LadyD - May 11

anon, I heard you have to have a mouse in your house, not in the dream, sorry for not explaining that part.


smskam - May 11

oh i thought it was mouse in ur dreams also..anywyas thanks for clearing that up.


LadyD - May 15

Hey, smskam. I had a dream about a fishtank filled with fish last night. I remember feeding them, there was a big fish trying to eat other fish though. Weird, huh? I spoke to a friend earlier this morning and she told me another friend of ours is pg. Told u that dream is true...LOL. I don't know if that means only one person is pg because I saw a lot of fish, hopefully that means a few and we are included!



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