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Joelle - July 10

Hey I was just wondering if anyone had baby dreams of thier baby being a girl or boy and then found out they were having what they had in the dream. I have a strong feeling its a boy and had 3 dreams of a Boy...But the other night i had a dream that me and my boyfreind and Mom went to a ultresound to find out the s_x of the baby... And the doctor told it was a girl it was a really cool dream felt so real.


Leahp - July 12

Hey Joelle, I had a lot of dreams when I was pregnant and all of them said girl, it turned out we had a girl!!! But it even got scarier for me because my dreams were predicting the s_x of my other pregnant friends!!! and they were right, eeek!


Joelle - July 12

Hey Leahp wow thats amazing I wish you knewn me and i was your friend so you can tell me what i was having i find out next week so that should be exciting:)


jnine29 - July 13

yes i'am having twin and about 2 weeks b4 i found out that i was having twin i had 6 dreams that i was having twins a boy and a girl i told my husband and he told me not to worry about it and when i was 13 weeks i had an ultersound and i found out that i was having twins and i was like omg and when i was 20 weeks i found out that it was a boy and a girl so i do belive in my dreams so i will have to wait untill november to found out if i was rigth 100% i hope so


Leahp - July 13

Hey ladies congrats!!! I know those pregnancy dreams are weird!!! But sometime look up the details you remember on www.dreammoods.com that's how I found out what my friend was having! I knew it meant something, my dream was of me hanging out with her and her husband and he got home from work and surprised her with a kitten. So I use to get on this dream forum and a guy on there was telling me that a kitten can mean baby girl, she was pretty amazed when she got home from the doc!!! So check out that web site, it's fun!


twin_mum2be - July 13

i had a dream 3 timws in a row that my sister in-law was pregnant, i asked her if she was and she said that they are trying so they mit have a baby soon if my dreams come true



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