Dreams Amp Gender

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Kay - November 9

Hi, I was just wondering if any of you ladies who either have already had babies or already found out the gender can tell me if you had any dreams about the gender of your baby and if so, were the dreams correct? Did you dream of a girl and have a girl etc? I have been having dreams of having a baby girl, I don't know what the gender is yet, but I heard that your dreams are often accurate in predicting gender so I was curious if any of your experiences.


YC - November 9

All of my dreams have been about boys. I am 34 weeks and having a girl. We had an amnicentesis due to abnormal AFP results...long story, anyway, that test is 100% correct so we know we are having a girl but still I only have boy dreams.


Angel - November 9

I think that you tend to have dreams about what the baby isn't. They are more like anxiety dreams, like the u/s said boy and then you have a girl in your dream or you want a boy but you are dreaming about a girl.


jb - November 9

I have had one dream where I had a boy and two where i had a girl. They are 80% sure that I am having a girl, so we will see!!! Now I have dreams that I bring a baby boy home to a girly nursery and have to dress him in pink. :o)


erin - November 9

Not too long before I had my second child, I had a dream that I was going to have a boy, that he would be blond and would be 9.5 pounds at birth. All of these things came true! At first I had laughed--nine pounds? yeah right! But it came true. This time around I've dreamed of both s_xes so I don't know what it is. One dream I had a boy and dressed him in pink too!


K - November 9

I actually had dreams of both a boy & girl but the boy dream was first & that's what I'm having.


kay - November 10

So it sounds like this is just another owt then. I was hoping it'd be true but it sounds like it can still go either way. Thanks girls.


M.A. - November 10

Yes, it can go either way. I wouldn't totally believe anything(especially those o.w.t.'s) until the u/s shows, or until the baby comes.


Nicole - November 10

In the beginning of my pregnancy (before the gender was determined), I would have weird dreams of where I would have a baby and a few days later, it would change s_x's (I know...weird!). Anyways, around the time that the gender is made, the weird dreams stopped and all my dreams were about a baby girl. The ultrasound I just had confirmed it...a baby girl! I think it can go either way but from my personal experience, I found the dreams to be pretty accurate.


Jenn - November 10

I thought my baby was a boy, but then i had a dream that it was a girl... and it turns out the dream was right :) found out Monday its a girl.


to jenn from kay - November 10

Hi, That is cool. I have had 2 dreams now that my baby was a girl. I have to wait 4 more weeks to find out. It's driving me crazy wanting to know. I'm afraid that since I want a girl so bad is probably the reason I keep dreaming that's what i'm having.


~m~ - November 10

I had dreams of boys both times, and had a boy both times. I am only 10 weeks, but already having dreams of girls. It may be wishful thinking, but I'll know in about 8 more weeks! Good luck!


Nicole R - November 10

I have had 2 dreams that I am having a girl but if I follow all the myths I am having a boy (no m/s) lower heartbeat, the chinese lunar calender. so we will see I am 13 1/2 weeks so I can hopefully find out soon good luck to all


JP - November 11

I have had dreams of boys. When I first got pregnant I felt it was a boy, but then everyone and everything (like the chinese calendar and the old wives tales) say girl. I started to have strong feeling it was a girl based on that, but recently I have gone back to thinking it is a boy. We aren't finding out till it's birth.



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