Drinking A Day Or Two Before Conception

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Mya - September 10

Does anyone know if drinking beer right before ovulation can decrease the chances of getting pregnant?? My husband and I are going to start trying this month, and we have a friends wedding to go to next weekend. I should start ovulating around next sunday or monday....and the wedding is saturday. I dont plan on getting plastered, but I will probably like to drink a few drinks. Even though there is no way I would be pregnant that day.....has anyone heard about actual research that says it can effect the egg/sperm.. if done a day or two before actual conception???


Have a chuckle - September 10

don't take this personally....go for it get hammered ... maybe look at it this way 1. you want to drink 2. you want to practice baby making 3. the baby doesn't exist yet . IT'S UNANYMOUS (sp)


Lisa - September 10

I think that's how most pregnancies occur! Hahaha... But seriously, I drank right up until the day I found out I was pregnant. They do say that it decreses your chances and it does help your body prepare for pregnancy by being the best that it can be if you can stop, but I kept living like normal until I found out.


Kris - September 10

I'm not sure if this is right but I heard that it is actually the guy drinking that can decrease the chance of getting pregnant. =O I think it lowers sperm count or something?!


conscious vs lets party - September 10

alcohol plus unplanned conception is probably more common than planned other than that I can only say sperm reaches maturity in about 70 days . I'll bet sperm seldom gets the opportunity to reach maturity if ever . lol


Beccah - September 10

LOL Too funny! I don't think the sperm ever mature either!


maturity - September 10

Good one lol Just like their owners hey !


Katharine - September 11

Drinking certainly helped me in getting pregnant : )



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