Drinking And Smoking Need Opinions

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Worried - October 27

Hi I have just found out that I am pregnant on the day of my missed period. I am really pleased but I have been smoking about 2 or 3 cigerettes a day and on about 3 occasions I have had 2 glasses of wine. I have also not been taking folic acid and now I am really worried about my baby. Anyone else been in this situation?


?? - October 27

Worried, You are probably fine! I found out I was pregnant right after July 4th weekend and I was drinking wine & smoking cigs just about the whole holiday weekend. I quit doing both as soon as I found out! Now I'm 21 weeks and everything's going great! Make sure you get a good prenatal vitamin. Best of luck to you & don't worry :)


Lisa - October 27

There is nothing to worry about. I still have the occasional gla__s of red wine and I'm in my 21st week and everything is going great. You should start taking your folic acid though! :)


??? - October 27

How far along are you, it may be too late for folic acid to be of any real benefit. It's most beneficial in the arly stages of pregnancy.


?? - October 27

To ??? That's not true. I'm in my 2nd trimester and my dr gave me extra folic acid to take because something in my blood test showed I needed more.


bump - October 28



r - October 28

well right before i found out it was a holiday weekend and I drank and smoked and I am now in 25th week and all is ok so try not to worry does not seem like you did that much anyways the folic acid would have been good to take but most of us don't start taking it until we find out we are pregnant so don't worry


TO ???... and Worried - October 28

Since WHEN is 4 weeks not in the early stages of pregnancy? Geesh! To Worried: don't worry about that. It is still so early that the baby probably got nothing from that anyway. Just start your vitamins and take care of yourself!


bump up - October 28

bump up


Worried - October 28

So has anyone else drank and smoked before finding out that they were pregnant and have had a healthy baby.


???? - October 28

About 30 years ago a friend of the family used to drink vodka tonics every day and smoked throughout all of her pregnancies. All 3 of her children were born without any problems and are now healthy adults.


SLM - October 29

I was 19 when I found out I was pregnant and I was on a HUGE drinking binge...and smoking. Anyways, I had my daughter when I was 20 and she was totally perfect. Obviously I quit smoking and drinking when I found out...she's now 7 and wonderful. Good luck to you. Make sure that you are taking your prenatals and getting checked by your doc and you and your baby will be fine,


bumpety bump - October 29

bumpety bump


to Worried - October 30

I drank before I knew I was pregnant, kind of a lot on one occasion (eggnog with Southern Comfort is so good...) and smoked also. I stopped drinking when I found out I was pregnant, but I still smoked occasionally during my pregnancy. My daughter is healthy and growing very well. I read that drinking in the two weeks after conception, when you don't know you're pregnant, will not affect the baby at all. It was in a book called "1000 Questions about Your Pregnancy," and I don't remember who wrote it, but it was a ob/gyn. Also, most breakfast cereal has folic acid, so if you eat cereal, you've been getting your folic acid.



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