Drinking Caffeine Anyone

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nonk - May 1

I am 29 wks pregnant and I ve drink several cups of tea and coffee through my whole pregnancy. I don't drink everyday though, maybe just once a month, but still afraid that it might hurt the baby. Anyone drinking regularly while preggie and the baby turned out to be fine??


Maddie - May 1

Well...if regular you mean on average at least 1 cup of coffee...and about 2-3 cups of soda or tea then, yes I am. I am 33 weeks, and didn't really hear anything from my doctor except..."Limit your caffeine intake" Well..ok, I "limited" it. Then I started reading articles that said caffeine can cause miscarraige, brain defects...etc. Hmmm...well that's pretty scary. I am now ordering lemonade, or caffeine free coffee, but I think our babies will be perfectly healthy. I know OF women who drank coffee throughout their preg. before you weren't supposed to though. My boss drank coffee and smoked cigs throughout her preg. pretty heavily and she had a healthy baby boy. He is now 17 and other than making c___ppy grades in highschool (could be a learning disability) he's very outgoing, well behaved, and charming. I dunno...everything seems to be a gamble. I'd be on the safe side and buy decaf from here on out.


KamdynRN - May 1

With my first pregnancy I cut it out completely! This time, im a little more laid back. I have a Pepsi here and there but I’m pretty good about it. The biggest risk factor of drinking caffeine is miscarriage... but you would have to drink A LOT of it! It is however a stimulant so it's always a good idea to steer clear if possible but I wouldn't worry! I’m sure your baby will be beautiful and healthy.


aussiegal - May 2

i asked my doctor the same thing when i found out i was pregnant (im now 26 wks) coz i really need my morning heart starter coffee in the morning to get functioning and she said that was fine just as long as i didnt "over do it" so i have 2 coffee's at the most during the day. i guess things in moderation is ok.


Leahp - May 2

Hi nonk, I have read that you can have up to 400mg of caffeine, I have to have my early starter since my job requires me to get up at 4:30, but I make sure to either drink juice or milk with the coffee so I know that my baby is still recieving some nutrients, when I'm done with my morning coffee I make sure to drink tons of water since it's a diuretic and can dehydrate you. Keep up on your water intake no matter what!!! It will help with your own skin and possible stretch markes in the long run!


Jenb - May 2

I stopped drinking cola but still had an occasional, maybe 10 throughout the pregnancy, cup of coffee and had a healthy baby.


M.M. - May 3

My doctor told me if you need a cup of coffee in the morning or a coke it would be fine. She also said that if you use artifical sweetner in your coffee that would be fine. The key to it all is not to overdue. Keep everything in moderation. I have cut back on the caffeine a bit, mainly because this is my first pregnancy and I'm at 5 weeks. I have one cup in the morning and try to drink water or juice the rest of the day.


nelly - May 4

i have cut mine out greatly for the first 5 months i went everyday without any caffine. i drink 4 or 5 bottles of water a day and every once in awhile decaf. tea when i go out to eat i always order water with lemon. i am 7 months now and i have maybe 2 gla__ses of dr pepper a week.


P - May 4

I read somewhere on the net that 300-400mg of caffeine a day is considered ok. That's about one large brewed cup, 3 to 4 lattes or cappucinos (I thought they would've had more but apparently not...), 3 to 4 sodas (ugh too much sugar...), 2 to 3 black type teas, and 4 to 5 green teas. At the beginning of my pregnancy I cut out all caffeine and artificial sweeteners and had headaches for a couple of months. I think it was withdrawals though I didn't drink that much coffee I just drank it regularly. Of course I also wouldn't take painkillers for the headaches either... Boy I would suffer some days. Towards the end of my pregnancy I would have a coffee if I was feelinng really tired but stuck to decaf the rest of the time. I had a beautiful baby girl who weighed 7lbs 4ozs. She scored a 9 out 10 on the Apgar test at birth and has thrived these past eight weeks. I'm very confident that your baby won't be harmed by your caffeine intake. I know someone who drank at least two litres of Diet Coke a day coupled with a pack of cigarettes (gross). Her baby does have asthma but so does the mother. Nothing like a baby with smokers' cough... Good luck.



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