Drinking Milk Reduces Stretchmarks

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Maddie - May 2

Has anyone fortunate enough to have little or NO stretchmarks found that they drank a lot of milk in pregnancy? I have heard this and want to know if it could be true...I am not one of the fortunate ones and I have a lot of red squiggles on my sides and on my thighs. I'm 33 wks. along and now my belly is starting to itch real bad. I think that's a sign that I may get more stretchmarks! *SoB* =*(


nicole - May 2

ummmmm definately not..lol. i drink an insane amount of milk, close to a gallon between me an my bf in a little over a day and i still have them bad.


Maddie - May 2

Grrrr..well, just checking. I figure, if you get em' then you get em'. There's nothing you can do about it! *Thanks


Kaz - May 2

Okay, I've never heard of that before. I had a huge milk binge in my first trimester. Partly because I just wanted it, but I had a friend who had to get a full set of dentures after her second born, at the age of 22. There was no way I wanted falsies. I'm 36 weeks and don't have a stretchmark, only the few I already had on my hips. My Mum never got them either so maybe it's a genetic thing. Just very lucky I guess.


w - May 2

I drink milk and have stretchies in hips, no where else, but they are a disgrace to look at very depressing. It's one of those things u either get them or u dont! :-(


? - May 2

Never heard that about milk but I have heard that drinking lots and lots of water may help prevent them. It hydrates the skin and makes it more elastic.


April - May 2

My doctor told me that the amount of stretchmarks you get is pretty much hereditary... what your mother got you will most likely get too.. (because apparently you inherit your skins elasticity from your mother?) and i believe him because my mom didn't get any stretchmarks with my sister.. and only got a few tiny ones with me.. and right now the only stretchmark i have is from not taking my belly ring out... *knocks on wood* haha.. but also i've heard there are other things you can do to improve your skins elasticity including excersize and drinking lots of water, but that pretty much has to be done before you're pregnant... my doctor said that no about of creams are going to help... if you're going to get stretchmarks, you're going to get them, no matter what.


lil - May 2

I dont even know what to think about it, i'm 22 i had my first baby at 19 i had no stretchmarks at all when i was like 5 months i got the first two in my bobs and still nothing in my belly until i was 38 weeks when something around my belly bottom started ripping and by my 391/2 week i had like 6 or 7 under my belly bottom and a lot in my bobs and i had lotion on all the time and drank a lot of milk, now i'm 12 weeks and hoping not to get any more ( i dought it ) my skin is very dry. good luck.



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