Drinking While Pregnant

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jill - May 27

I'm about 4 weeks pregnant and I used to drink beer on the weekends before I got pregnant. I obviously stopped. Occasionally, I would like a glass of wine while watching tv. Is this a problem? Is there ANYTHING I can drink with alcohol in it? Wine cooler maybe?? I'm not looking to get drunk or anything...


karen - May 27

You should ask your doctor about this. I have always heard that a little alcohol (a gla__s of wine every now & then) will not hurt the baby, but my theory is what's the point--I'd rather not risk it. There's definitely a stigma attached to it, but if you feel comfortable and get your doctor's approval, I would think an occasional gla__s of wine would not hurt.


Jenett - May 27

If you just want an occasional beer.. O'Douls or one of the low alcohol beers would be the best. It would curve the need and not cause you any problems. This is what my doc said to do.


? - May 27

I had a gla__s of wine the other night at dinner, but I figured I could only have one.....didn't do much for me so i just stopped drinking it all together.


whatever darlin' - May 27

If you're not "looking for anything" from booze, THEN STAY AWAY FROM IT WHILST PREGNANT.


jill - May 27

not everyone drinks to get drunk. I like to drink socially expecially around Memorial day at picnics and whatnot... I'm not talking about what I should order at a bar


lilmum - May 27

try a non-alcoholic beer? Or some sparkling juice?


jill - May 27

yes a sparkly drink would be fine, except I like the taste of alcohol at times. I was thinking a watery daquari would be okay. Especially if I make it myself so I can only put a drop or 2 of alcohol


whatever darlin' - May 27

Look Jill. I like excessive sugar and fats, yet I manage to avoid them for the health of my baby.


Lissi - May 27

I have had the occasional half gla__s of wine but only about once every two weeks as a treat. Most women I know have drunk more than that whilst pregnant and still had healthy babies. It depends whether you want to risk it. I often had a gla__s of sparkling grape juice when everyone else is drinking. It's not the same but I think the fact that it looks like a gla__s of wine helps psychologically, like people who suck on plastic cigarettes to give up smoking.


jill - May 27

I still eat sugar and fatty foods. I don't eat them excessively just like I wouldn't drink excessively. I didn't realize I was the only one who thought this was a legitiment question.


whatever darlin' - May 27

The mere fact that you would come to a web site to have this question answered is the true thing to be concerned about. Do you have a doctor? If not, it is time to consult with one. Not with other women about something like this.


Maddie - May 27

Hey Jill. I know how you feel. Does your husband/spouse drink frequently? Mine does and it's really hard to break that habit. My aunt used to drink when she went to lunch with her sisters on the weekends. She is pregnant now and she really enjoys drinking O'Douls. It has something like .05% alcohol in it or something so there's your small taste of alcohol if you need it. =) good luck!


jill - May 27

no, my husband doesn't drink. He did occasionally with me when I wasn't pregnant but he stopped when I did. I think i'll try O'douls..thanks


ME - May 27

Jill, it's a perfectly good question. To Whatever darlin, doctors give conflicting advice on drinking, so it's understandable that someone might want to discuss it with other pregnant women, espacially those who have had the odd gla__s whilst pregnant and still had healthy babies.


erika - May 27

if you cant give up for 9 months, must mean you have an addiction problem.


jess - May 27

well the new research suggests that drinking in the 3rd trimester is the worst for babies, as that is when the greatest chance of FAE effects can result.....with that said my ob said an occasion gla__s of wine with a meal is fine, and she herself would have one every few weeks....



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