Drug Use And Early Pregnancy

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Rachel - July 25

I just learned that I am almost 6 weeks pregnant, but up until now, I have smoked cigarettes and marijuana on a near-daily basis, as well as taking my Adderall. Is it safe to proceed with this pregnancy, or has the damage likely been done by now? I am so scared to be risking having a child with severe mental or physical problems.


Noams - July 25

Hi Rachel, I understand the concern you are feeling for your unborn baby. The down side of using drugs is that they can cross the placenta and restrict blood flow to the baby also drugs can have an effect on the organs that are being developed during this time. I have found some infomation on marijuana smoking for you from a pregnacy book, it says that so far there is no present evedence that it would have caused great harm to your baby, but continued use may do so. It says that the negative effects of its use will develop and appear later in pregnancy. Like birth defects, cancer, damage genes. Also can cause problems during labour and birth. I am sorry I do not know much about adderall it may be under another name in Australia. I think it would be very wise for you to let you doctor know about your past drug use, he will not judge you. He may order a scan to check on your baby. I am sure you have nothing to worry about ,Now is the time to quit the drugs, take care.


jb - July 25

Talk to your doctor immediately. I have no idea if any damage has been done, and your doctor may not be able to tell at this point either. Stop smoking marijuana immediately and really, really, try to stop smoking cigs. Talk to your doctor about your adderol. He may recommend you stop taking it but you may have to ween yourself off. Or he may say its okay for you to take.


Hi Rachel - July 25

Been there done ALL of that, your baby is probably fine. Think of how many other women (myself included) must have find out about the same time as you. Try not to smoke anything, I stopped taking the adderol all together--personal choice. Pot does help with morning sickness, but smoking of any kind can be harmful to the baby's development. If I were you, I wouldn't tell my doc about this--again personal choice-- unless you really trust him. I don't know if some of the stories I have read on here are true, but I am sure you don't want the POT IS EVIL Gastpo after you.


geri - July 25

I totally would not worry about it..but tell the doctor..



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