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Jess - January 18

Do you think that it hurts the baby that much if you smoke marjuana?


tara - January 18

There have been various answers to this question and the conclusion is that because there is not enough data it’s hard to give a straight answer. At the end of the day it becomes the mother’s choice whether she want to take any chances of hurting the baby. I have heard (from posting on this site) that a Dr. suggested a stressed out mom, who also had other problems, to smoke a very small amount of marijuana to help her along. But it was to be done with caution, and under advis____nt from a Dr. Any type of smoke is not good for the mother or the baby, so again it comes down to you and if you are willing to take any chances. Here is what march of dimes website says about marijuana: If you are pregnant, you need to know that marijuana crosses the placenta and can affect your baby. Marijuana use during pregnancy has been linked to low birthweight in the baby and withdrawal-like symptoms including excessive crying, and tremors (shaking). Some studies suggest that children exposed to marijuana while in the womb are at increased risk of attention disorders and learning problems later in life.


kim j - January 18

Here we go again... Im going to anwser your question with a question. If you had already had your baby and was smoking a joint,blunt whatever you smoke would you take a hit and then b__w it in your infants face? Im sure your mother instinct would not let you do this so why smoke when pregnant? Let it go! If you are pregnant your body is no longer your body.


brandy - January 18

Since u brought it up....I have a question also on this subject. Say I smoke mary~jane quiet offten, then one day I find out I'm pregnant, & I quit smoking altogether. Is it still harmful for the baby since it would still be in my blood?



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