Drugs Amp Pregnancy

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Tking - November 8

I just found out that I am less than 4 weeks preg. I was on the pill and the father has a drug abuse problem with cocain..... I participated about 2 weeks ago with him... I"M SCARED... I do not normally do any drugs


misty - November 8

I m so concerned for you and your baby. Have you talked to your dr yet about this? If not you need too. I would compleatly STOP the drugs and make him as well, The baby is at stake and I really hope things are ok. Please keep me posted on your situation , and if you want to talk you can e-mail me @ [email protected] I am just concerned for you.


Jessica - November 8

You shouldn't realy worry to much it is so early in the pregnancy. Just one time should not do damage. Good luck!!!


Dew - November 8

Your baby will be fine. Just go ahead and stop using of course. Good luck. BTW no need to tell your doctor, unless you want the kid to be taken away from you! He can't do anything about something you already did!


misty - November 8

it would be wise for you to tell your dr just incase in the futre the baby has ANY problems which I pray he/ she does NOT. I have a baby with problems no fun at all. And your dr will not take your baby so don't be afraide. Just please have a healthy pregnancy.


geri - November 8

just one time so early on did not do any damage,,,but you need to stay away from your father and please join a NA group..they are very good


Soymilk - November 8

Misty- Do you have a baby with problems because of drug use? Just curious.


Soymilk - November 8

Also Misty, did they detect these problems before you delivered? Take care.


misty - November 8

to soymilk~ No I dont have a baby from drug use... But even tho its early in her pregnancy it still can be in her system while her baby develops. Im just ma__sivley concerned for her.


tking - November 9

This is my first pregnancy, I feel good about being pregnant, but I'm just scared for this child, if there is any damamge done already... I do not usually use drugs.... I experimented on 2 occasions, which was not a wise choice


TO TKING - November 9

i just want to warn you...everyone is saying tell your doctor well there was a case in my town a few years back a girl was in the same boat as you and told her doctor well her doctor told her he could not see her anymore did not want the liablity if there was any problems and she had a hard time finding a doctor that would take her...they wrote about this in our local paper just thought I would let you know this chances are the baby is just fine good luck



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