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Jacki - November 23

Hi everyone, I really don't have a serious question. I was just wondering what some of ya'lls do date's are. Mines is April 30,2005!


Lori - November 23

Mine is January 21, 2006...I'ts a liitle girl!!!! I'm going to name her DeLydia Michelle!!!


Jacki - November 23

Awww, congratualations!!!! I think I'm having a girl, I haven't went for my U/S yet but if it is a girl I'm stuck between two names: Olivia Daveigh or Remya Tamera!


Steph - November 23

I'm not due till July 12, 2006, but if it's a girl it's going to be Abigail Lynn and boy Trevor Mitchell.


Lindsay - November 23

I am due dec. 15, 2005 with my 1st, a boy...Elijah Anthony


Bobbi - November 23

I'm due on July 8th:)


toJacki - November 23

I guess you mean 2006? BTW congrats!!!


K - November 23

Hi & congrats! I'm due March 11 with my first, a boy :)


Rhonda - November 25

hi all i am due on march 15th 2006(its a girl)


amy w - November 25

june 14th 2006...lol jackie...dont you mean 2006 also...i just caught that, i really dont want you to take it the wrong way, but i just wanted to make sure that i myself wasnt seeing things as well. good luck everyone!


amy w - November 25

i appologize jackie...i just read through, and saw that someone else already said something...anyways good luck!


erin - November 26

I'm due March 25, that seems like a long way away right now!


Stephanie - November 26

I'm due this Monday, Nov. 28!!! Very excited, this is our first baby. We're having a girl, Ayla Victoria. I love the name Abigail, but we have a rabbit named Abby, so that just won't work in this house. lol


Rachel - November 26

I am due April 5, 2006 with my first. We are having a girl and naming her Nina Augusta after my husband's grandmother that just pa__sed away and my grandmother who very ill.


Linneah - November 27

Good Luck Stephanie, My due date is Feb 9th, and hopefully i'm having a boy. Does anyone watch those "Special Delivery" birth shows, everyone tells me not to but I do anyway. Theres always a possibility something may happen.


Jacki - November 28

Thanks for correcting me guys, I do mean 2006 of course. I didn't take it the wrong way, I would rather be corrected anyway. So, what do you all think of the two names: Olivia Daveigh or Remya Tamera?


LIsa*9 - November 28

Due March 20 2006 according to my calculations. It's my last pg have a 3 and 5 year olds both born in July.



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