Due Date Is Off Compared To Size Of Baby

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Vicki915 - January 12

Based on my LMP my due date is on March 23 which makes me 29 weeks pregnant. At my doctors appointment yesterday my doctor said that based on the baby's size I'm more like 33 weeks. He said that the baby was just big. Does that mean my due date is off? Is it possible that he is in FACT a big baby?


sara b - January 12

I would say its very possible that he's a big baby. If you are having a boy, boys are usually larger than girls. Also gestational diabetes or just high blood sugar can lead to large babies. My daughter measured small up until 33 weeks when I had the last ultrasound. Then at birth she was 8lbs. 10 oz!!!! Ultrasounds can be off by as much as 2 lbs. and should not be relied upon for 100% accuracy. Best wishes.


Alycia - January 12

I also think it's very likely you're having a large baby. My baby has been measuring progressively larger as time has gone on (I'm over 23 weeks now), but fortunately I'm working with a midwife who trusts my dates, so my due date isn't changing. It's not a big deal for you unless your doctor starts talking about induction - I would be very cautious about doing that when (s)he thinks you're "overdue" because it may just be too soon for your baby. Good luck!


Drew - January 12

Is your doctor basing your baby's large size on ultrasound or fundal height? Fundal height it not an accurate way to determine wether or not you have a big baby, they use it just to ensure that your baby is growing. A measurement can be interpreted as big if you have extra amniotic fluid, not laying right on the exam table during measurement, and just flat out error in measuring. Ultrasounds are a more reliable way of determining the size of baby, although they can be off in weight estimates if not done right. But if your doctor starts talking induction and it's fairly close to your due date (like within 2 weeks) I'd say go for it, simply because you don't want your baby to get too big and not fit through your pelvis resulting in an emergency c-section. Baby's are considered term at 37 weeks, so if your doc wants to induce within that 3 weeks your baby should be just fine. Good luck, let us know how it goes!! :)


m - January 12

Maybe it's a little of both. He may be off on your date a little, plus the baby may be a little big. Also, some women measure a little bigger even though the baby is average size. A friend of mine was measuring so much that her doctor expected her baby to be 8-9 pounds, and she only weighed 6 lbs, 12 oz. As Drew said, the measurement isn't the most accurate way to determind baby's size. Good luck!


m - January 12

Oops.... typo! I meant to say determine, not determind. My fingers are quicker than my brain some days! :o)


Vicki915 - January 12

Looking at my baby's ultrasound pic, this is what the fetal bio says... BPD 7.44cm 29w6d HC 28.35cm 31w1d. And what the doctor wrote in my maternity card was GEST 29 3/7 FH 33. I'm sorry but this is my first baby, and I'm clueless as to what all this means. He didn't mention anything about induced labor, he only mentioned that if I start feeling contractions that are constant to go straight to the hospital. I'm 5'2" and was pretty thin before I got pregnant. Everyone said that I looked small and I thought I did too. The doc says I'm all baby. So far he's weighing 3lbs 12ounces. I weighed 129 at first doctors visit (8/22) lost 3 pounds at third doctors visit (10/04) and weigh 147 as of 1/9. I'm sorry if I'm rambling on about this, but I'm really nervous about the whole thing. Like you said, I don't want it to be too soon. Sara I tested neg for diabetes. Alycia, you're 23 weeks, based on baby size what week is baby putting you at? Am I asking too many questions??? lol Thanks ladies.



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