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ica658 - September 4

I recently found out I am pregnant. My last period was on July 8th, so the doctor put my due date as April 14th. After blood tests and ultrasounds, they have changed my due date to April 27th. Does that mean the date of conception has changed to later also? The reason I'm asking is that my fiancee and I broke up for about a week and if the conception date has changed, I would have conceived during that week. If anyone has answers, I would greatly appreciate it.


Viv - September 4

What a drama behind this question! It's life, it's happened before - the only way to handle it and stay sane is to treat it as a novel. The due date is quoted as 280 days after the last period, which gives July 8th to April 14th. More accurately the due date is 266 days after conception. The ultrasound is saying you conceived a couple of weeks later than your last period suggests. That means the doctor thinks you conceived in the first week of August and not the third week of July. Your ovulation could have been late that month, perhaps from the stress of breaking up with your fiancee. Then I'm guessing you decided you were pregnant and patched up the relationship with the fiancee, thinking he was the father. If you had s_x on the bounce the first week of August or thereabouts, you have some tough decisions to make. A paternity test can be done. Talk to your doctor in confidence to help make up your mind.


brucen - September 4

In my situation, the ultrasound shows my baby to be about 2 weeks bigger than its gestation age. I am just having a big baby, since it's impossible I concieved anytime but when we first estimated. I hope you are just having a big baby too, but Viv does give some sound advice.


kf - September 27

Are ultrasounds always acurate with the dates if they correspond with your last prd?


Viv - September 27

http://www.americanpregnancy.org/duringpregnancy/calculatingdates.html .... The gestational age as determined by the ultrasound has to do with the stage of devlopment of the fetus and nothing to do with the LMP date. It is most accurate between weeks 8 and 18. This ultrasound was supposedly done at 8 weeks, here amended to 6 weeks.


kf - September 28

well what I was wondering is if my LMP and my ultrasound and measurements and my pelvic exam all corresponded with each other, then this is acurate within a two week span?


jen - October 1

the due date is 40 weeks after your last period normally. But, if they say you are 12 weeks for example, you conceived 14 weeks ago. I had the same problem, but it rea__sured me when my doctor told me the date they set is actually 2 weeks after you conceived.


kf - October 1

okay im confused.. lol! im 32 wks, if you start counting the gestational age from my the 1st day of my LMP.my ultrasound corresponded with this..this means i still conceived after my LMP right?probably two wks after?


kf - October 1

My Lmp was Feb.17.. As long as I conceived in Feb. or later..im safe lol


kf - October 1

im pretty sure its two weeks after, not before.. cause that makes more sense than every woman getting a prd while theyre preg.



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