Due In February

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Jessica - October 4

Is anyone else due in February? What are you having?


Amy - October 4

hi i'm due Feb 18th and we are having a BOY:)


jb - October 4

Due Feb 15th and I dont know what we are having. Have andother ultrasound on the 12th, so hopefully I will find out then. I am dying to know! Keep your fingers crossed for me. Congrats Jessica and Amy.


Janis - October 4

I am due Feb 22 and as of now we do not know what we are having. we will hopefully find out Oct 15. Congrats everyone


Jessica - October 4

I will keep my fingers crossed for you jb, But hopefully that baby will not have his or her legs crossed!!! I myself am having a boy(ya) I found out when I was 16 wks. We are very happy. I'm wondering when I should start buying stuff for his room. When do you guys think is a good time? I'm due feb 14th.


elizabeth - October 4

i am due feb.15th and not sure what i am having because babys legs were crossed!!so no i wont find out untell the baby is born because doctor wont do another ultrasound. The only way they will if they might suspect something is wrong or messure to big>>good luck


Rachel - October 4

I'm due Feb. 9th and I'm having a boy!


Jesica - October 5

It seems like the majority of us are having boys, How wierd is that!!!!!! Good luck to everyone....


jb - October 5

Well everyone I know is predicting a girl for me, so maybe we will see next week. I know about 5 other people that are pregnant and they are all having boys!!


Jessica - October 5

Well jb maybe you will be the one with a girl. Who cares right just as long as it's healthy....


jb - October 5

Jessica, you are right. I really dont care as long as it is a healthy baby! I really dont have a preference, I just want to know! :o)


Emy - October 5

I am due Feb. 20th and I am having a girl!


Jessica - October 5

Well there we go we found someone having a girl. Congratulations emy!! And jb, You will just have to let us know on the 12th.


Rhonda - October 5

Hi all I am due Feb 4th and am having a BOY!!


Jessica - October 5

Another boy, What do you know. Congratulations Rhonda!!!!!!!!


Merissa - October 5

I'm due February 3rd and we're having a little girl.


michelle2425 - October 5

due feb.6th. it's a boy!!!



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