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jamiew - March 11

I am currently 8 weeks pregnant w/ child number 5. My question is, my milk glands have not started forming yet. My br___ts are not tender, sore, etc like they normally would. My first 3 pregnancies were boys, they became enlarged pretty instantly, my fourth was a girl and it was sorta slow forming ( one formed before the other ) Any ideas? My thought is possibly another girl? Thanks bunches in advance


Tanna - March 12

I don't believe that is a way to predict s_x, and I think just by reading what you've written it is prrof. If your b___sts did discintive things for your others, but this time your b___sts are doing niether, who knows! I am on my third pregnancy and my b___sts are huge and very very sore! I have a boy and a girl, and this did not happen with either one of them.


Tanna - March 12



jamiew - March 12

I'm sorry but I have worded my question wrong. I wasnt really looking to "determine the s_x". Just wondering why my b___sts really havent formed so to speak, since that is usually one of first signs of pregnancy. And I was stating a somewhat similar expeience. So my question is, any ideas on why they arent forming?


Bee99 - March 13

My first three pregnancys Ididnt have much change early and this one its been quiet dramatic not that we are using this to determine s_x but 1st 3 were girls this 1 had legs crossed but tech. said he thought girl as he could no see p___s Iv since learnt that this should not be used as good information to determine s_x of bubs. So maybe seeing how your only 8 weeks mabe the change will come later like mine...dont know why though.


Tanna - March 15

Oh, ok. I am pregnant with number three. First two my b___st hurt around week 7/8, and that diminished by like week 12. This one, my b___sts hurt at about week 5, went away at like week 8, and came back with a vengeance at around week 10. I am currently in my 17th week and they have not stopped hurting, and they are huge!


elisabeth - March 16

i'll be 15 weeks pregnant on monday the 20th. my b___bs haven't changed at all haven't gotten bigger, no milk glands nothing at all, should i be worried. i just thought that happened at the end of your pregnancy. please someone let me know. oh yea i have an ultrasound on monday also, do you guys think i might see what i'm having????


maren - March 17

at 15 weeks you most likely wont be able to see what your having. The earlyest i have heard of them finding out is like 17 weeks



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