Dyeing Hair While Pregnant

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Sandra - April 6

Does anyone know what the story is on dyeing my hair while I'm pregnant? I've heard it can be harmful to the baby.


Mythili - April 6

I would like to color my hair as well but want to know first whether that is okay or not...


marli - April 27

have been dyeng my hair while pregnant is that o.k


Karen - April 27

Based on my research there is no evidence directly related to any harm to the baby and dying hair. I for one choose not to take that chance. I dyed my hair (redish color) in december. I am a brenette, so now my roots are showing up. I also heard that because of the hormones some colours may come out wrong. Dont know and have decided to wait. Two colour tones should not look that bad for another couple of months. My belly should take the focus of my hair or vis versa.HAHAHA


Sam - April 27

I had the roots going on so i went to get the foil thing done to my hair (dye doesnt touch scalp) to get rid of it. i went to the same person and had the same brownish-red color I've been using forever. Lo and Behold my hair turned this weird translucent green. It looks brownish, but in some light, my hair looks moldy green. I asked my doctor if it was because I was pregnant and he said absolutely. So, color at your own risk. You never know what it will turn out looking like.....


Karen - April 27

Thanks for your story Sam. I will definately wait now. How is your hair ? Is it still green ? LOL. Sorry just a little humour. I love to laugh. All the best


Mythili - April 27

I have been wanting to put highlights in my hair but after reading all these posts I've decided to wait 'till November (due date) I guess I will have to live without highlights for another 6 months.


KrisD - April 27

I highlight my hair (foil). My doctor told me to wait till I was out of the 1st trimester, which I did. This week will be my 2nd time going - my color didn't turn out any different than it normally does... But maybe it is a little different for lighter hair?


April - April 27

My stylist told me that she used to dye her hair when she was pregnant, and she does other pregnant women's hair as well. Highlights are the best way to go since the dye doesn't normally touch the scalp anyway... but coloring your hair shouldn't do anything bad... just wait until you're out of your 1st trimester...


Mary - April 27

My doctor gave me this booklet made by their practice which answers commonly asked questions. Under Hair coloring and perms: We suggest you wait until the second trimester before treating your hair with chemicals, and then only rarely. Hope this helps.


Melissa - May 2

From what I've read, there has been no conclusive evidence to show that dyeing your hair while pregnant harms the baby. However, I have heard horror stories about the results... strange colors and even hair falling out due to hormone changes or lack of nutrients in the hair.


Tracy W - May 2

I just re-dyed my hair about a week ago, 24 weeks preg, and it worked beautifully. I don't know if it matters what color, but I go an orangish red with gold highlights.


Jennifer - July 3

I was told the chemicals that are in permanant hair dye can be harmful to the baby because the chemical can get into your blood stream and cause some birth defects but semi-permanant dye is okay to use because it will wash right out


Shaina - July 3

Personally, I thought it was just the fumes of the hair dye that were advised against. I think if you find a hair dye with less ammonia it should be okay. Its the ammonia in hair dye that makes your scalp itch and smells. That stuff is harsh!


Amaya's mommy aka Stephanie - July 3

Hi, I have an 8 week old daughter, and am also a hair stylist. I worked the whole time I was pregnant. It can not get in your blood stream or anything like that. The only thing to be advised of, is if you use color, bleach, or perms, stay in a well vented area. Maybe open a window, or once the color is on, go outside and get some fresh air. Also, there is a chance that the chemicals will not take to your hair the way you are hoping. My hair would not take color at all. Others turn weird colors. Some turn out great. Just remember, color is easy, it can always be reversed! Go for it!


Sarah - August 15

I have been looking into the same thing and according to my doctor there is no harm to your baby and the only thing is that your hormones may affect the end results.


Constance - August 15

It's because your hormones are in such fluctuation that the color may not take.



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