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Mariah Wills - January 30

Is it safe to dye your hair while you are pregnant


Melissa30 - January 30

Yes it is perfectly safe.


Mommy1 - January 30

Yep, I heard it's safe -- I just waited til the 2nd trimester (made me feel better about it)


adprix - January 30

My doctor suggested waiting until the 2nd trimester. It has not been proven to be safe or unsafe, but traces of the chemicals can be found in your urine. So it's a personal decision about whether or not to proceed.


SaraH - January 31

It isn't proven to be safe. In fact they know that some of the chemicals are absorbed into the body as some of it end's up being expelled in the urine. It is one of those things that many ppl do and the baby is fine but that they really don't know for sure is safe. Personally I wont do it just b/c I'd rather error on the side of caution. If you decidet you are going to dye your hair wait for sure until the 2nd tri as some of the other girls said, that way the babies main development has occurred. Also if you can get by w/ doing something that doesn't allow the dye to sit strait on your scalp (like foiling where the dye isn't really sitting fully against your scalp) they suggest you do that instead of a full dye job. Try Googling hair dye and pregnancy and you should get more info.


les22 - February 3

i had a reaction to hair dye when I was pregnant (nothing extreme, just tingling and itching) I had never had one before and I was told it was due to pregnancy hormones making my skin more sensitive. I would recomend doing a patch test even if you dont normally do one


mamjen23 - March 12

They have done some research but none conclusive enough to give a good yes or no answer. I am a hairstylist and have been for 7 years. Some of the hair dye can be obsorbed into the skin preganant or not, Just how porous your skin is depends on how much you do absorb. The biggest thing with dying your hair while prenant is the chance for your hair to do some crazy things. No matter how far you are along. I have seen so many people who have used the same color with the same result for years turn a different shade completely. Actually 3 of my customers personally realized when their hair changed and I asked if they were expecting, went home to take a test to find a positive result. Some individuals hair doesn't react diferently to hair dye during pregnancy but others do. Others have had reactions on their skin tingling sometimes enough for a burning sensation. In which case les22 is correct you should have a patch test. If it ever becomes an unbearable burning senstaion your stylist should immediately remove the color from your scalp. That reaction can happen even if not pregnant. Hopefully this was helpful.


lisarenee - March 12

It is so controversial still that I decided against it. I do not want to do anything questionable that may effect this baby's life forever. Although I had read online to use a non-permanent natural hair color like henna.


hopesohigh - March 13

I heard that it's not just the dye on your scalp but also the fumes that can affect you, anyone know anything about that? I want to dye part of my hair but the dye wouldn't be on my scalp, i'd dye the underneath of my hair blue but not all the way to the top, and my boyfriend and friends say that I should wait because I can't breathe in the fumes.


wantanotheraftertr - March 13

I just thought you all might like to know how many hairstylists continue to work while pregnant. I am a stylist and I have not only had my hair colored and permed while pregnant but given many colors and perms my children are now 17,15, and 13! no affects at all nothing. Many many women continue to do hair and get hair services while pregnant. The only concern Is that with your hormonal changes the perm many not take or last as long. I can appreciate your concern for your developing child but think about it how many stylist are women and do they quit their job durring pregnancy? Just food for thought! It is however a personal decision!



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