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christine - November 19

You said that you have placenta previa...well I just printed and read my report from my sono on Monday and it says that I have a posterior marginal previa...(I'm lucky I work for the hospital so I can read my own reports as long as I go there) The tech told me no previa..I have asked due to having other complications I have been worried about everything...anyways just curious because obviously the tech was a little off...for I do have partial previa...I dont see the doc until Monday...so I'm curious...do you have more doc visits? what are they saying about it?...this is my 3rd...never had any of these problems before...Haha to the saying "the more you have the easier it gets" that is so untrue...anyway anything you can tell me to ease my mind for the weekend...I called to talk to the nurse...she is out today...and I dont want to bother the doc since I'm going in on Monday...thanks


E - November 19

I think that a partial previa is not as big of a deal as a full previa, or whatever they term it. I read that in partial previas, 95% will see their placenta move upward so that it is not covering the cervix. Please do not worry but definitely ask you doctor. How the tech missed it is beyond me but usually, the tech takes the pictures and the doc reads it and writes the report. I imagine that they were planning to talk with you about this during your next visit? In the meantime, avoid intercourse as it can cause bleeding. I have an almost full previa and mine is anterior (front). In some ways I am not bothered about it b/c I get expensive high quality ultrasounds each month until it moves, or until the baby is born. I love being able to see him in 3-D knowing that insurance will cover it due to this problem. I wish I could tell you more to ease your mind but I do not know enough about this condition. The doctor seems to think mine will also move upward. Let me know what the doc says to you on Monday, in this thread. Have a great weekend!! I am so relieved it is Friday!!


Christine - November 22

Well I go later on today and yeah I also read up on it...it is not as serious as a full pp...but I also read that it could still be and that the tech just didnt see it that way...the waiting game...anyways I go later on this morning and I'll write as soon as I get back...thanks


E - November 22

Good luck. I go tomorrow. I just read my chart and mine is a full pp. I am so p__sed b/c I have 2.5cm cyst (almost 1 inch) on my ovary, which nobody bothered to mention to me. I just saw it in a report when reading my charts online. I am sick of the incompetence.


Christine - November 22

LOL I hear ya...I had a cyst(9cm)...it grew to 12cm and they had to do surgery last month to drain it...at your size it is very normal and if it hasnt grown yet I highly doubt that it will so dont worry yourself about that...they actually say a small cyst(under 5cm) is good...it helps support the baby and is very normal...thats probably why they didnt mention it to you...as for my visit today well I actually saw the midwife...I saw my doc too...but only quickly as I was leaving but they both mentioned the placenta to me...they said pelvic rest just to be on the safe side...but they said it is common to have a low placenta at an 18/19th week sonogram...so they believe it will move up...and that was that...as for everything else it is going great...the baby's heartbeat is strong...I guess I have only gained 7lbs so far so she said 3 more by next Friday...that shouldnt be too hard...let me know how your doc visit goes tomorrow...good luck


E - November 23

I had my 3-D today and my placenta moved and is no longer a previa:) I am happy to say the least.


Christine - November 24

Well congrats! I know you and your hubby are happy LOL...did they mention anything about the cyst?


E - November 24

Thanks Christine. I read about the cyst and it seems that it is a normal phenomenon plus, given that mine is shrinking, I really have nothing to worry about. In truth, I was so excited about the placenta moving, I forgot to ask. Happy Thanksgiving, if you celebrate it :)


Christine - November 25

Yes, Happy Thanksgiving to you also...



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