Earliest Ultrasound

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aggie03 - April 18

Does anyone know the earliest you can have an ultrasound? I want to wait to tell the family untill after... what is an appropriate time to wait? I cant stand it...


AshleyB - April 18

my doc won't give me one till I'm at least 9wks. But some people have them really early like 5wks. Every doc is different. When I made my 1st doc appt, they set me up for my 1st appt, and my first u/s all at the same time.


shyann - April 18

I've hade 2 doc appointments so far and i'm getting my first ultrasound this thursday and i'm a little over 14 weeks pregnant so it really depends on the doctor and if your having any problems during your pregnancy


livdea - April 18

I wanted to find out how far along I was so I requested one and I found out I was 6 weeks along! They said if I'd come in any earlier they wouldn't have been able to see anything. I'd honestly wait until after 12 weeks. Just to be sure. Good luck!


sa__sifras - April 18

I have had 3 so far and am not even 16 wks. The first was at 9 wks because I had an m/c in Oct. I would wait to tell your family, or those who can go without knowing, until you are past the first trimester and in the so called "safe zone". But this is a pretty hard secret to keep!!


Alycia - April 18

I know this is off-topic, but what kind of Aggie are you? TAMU?


aggie03 - April 18



divinelibra - April 18

my first one showed i was about 6 weeks, my second one was at about 10 weeks, and i'm due thursday for my 3rd one at about 18 weeks. its hard keeping the secret, i was able to keep my mouth shut for about a month. it was up after that! lol. good luck.


YC - April 18

I had one at 5 weeks but you could only see the gestational sack. My next was at 6 weeks and I got to see the heartbeat. AMAZING!!! My dd is now 17 weeks old.


Alycia - April 18

cla__s of '01! WHOOP!


KellyO - April 19

I was scheduled for my first appt at 6 wks with an u/s to verify and make sure I was as far along as my LMP says I was, but it was cancelled and I went in when I was 8 wks and had an u/s done! It was very exciting to see my baby at only 8 weeks.


1Sttimemomy - April 19

when i went for my first doctors visit they could not find the babies heart beat on the doppler because i have a tillted uterus so everything is toward the back the doc could see i was real worried so he put me on the u/s machine to show me everthing is ok so if you are worried and just want to see the baby ask doctor just to show you that everything is ok


Ducky - April 20

I had an u/s at one month and one week


Erin1979 - April 20

My doctor will not do one before 12 weeks unless you have a history of m/c or a medical condition. I had to wait 12 weeks, but really it's very exciting. My dd was jumping around like she was on a trampoline!! So cute! Congrats and good luck!



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