Early Pregnancy Symptoms And No Spotting

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Toni - January 26

I am 3 days away from AF but I am pretty sure that I am not going to have it because for the past 2 weeks I have been having a lot of periode-like menstual cramps the whole day and night, headaches, lower back pain. I have been gassy, bloated. Last night I felt like I was having the flu and my body was very hot. I can't stop eating and I am neaseous from time to time, my (.) (.) are swollen and itchy from time to time also. I never have PMS symptoms that intense or that early , that's why I am pretty sure that I might be pregnant and may I also mention that (I have been having a lot of unprotected s_x with my husband ). But all across this board I have seen women who said they xperience implantation spotting. I have never seen any spotting. Does that mean I am not pregnant? Is it possible not to have implantation spotting even if you are pregnant? Please let me know. Good Luck to eveybody!!!!!!! :-)


lou - January 26

Hi, i am also due for AF this weekend and am having what i think are very similar pg symptoms to yours but i have had no spotting and am also wondering if this means i am not pg after all? the symptoms i have had are almost all the same as yours including the itchy (.) (.) as you put it lol! I thought i was the only person in the world to think this could be an early sign i am pg so its good to know that someone else is experiencing the same thing and i am not going mad. If we are both pg this month that would be all our questions answered, its just a waiting game eh? :)


DESIRE - January 27

WELL, I am 5 days late from my period and have sore b___st,sleepy, and hungry all the time. So do yall think I'm pregnant?


May - January 27

I m 7 weeks preggie, so far no symptoms yet, except for frequent peeing, tiredness. No monring sickness either. However, I am wishing I have some of the morning sickness, I know it sounds crazy, but I m really paranoid. Its my first pregnancy and I can't wait for my U/S next Friday. My b___sts aren't growing big yet, gosh I m basically freaking out inside. Toni, I read from some web sites, that some woman don't get implantation bleeding, and some of the preggie symptoms come much later.


Lyn - January 27

I didnt get implantation bleeding I am 26 weeks pregnant and I know how you feel May I didnt get morning sickness or anything still havent but I wanted to have it so my mind would be as ease that everything was ok. The only thing I have gotten is the peeing a lot and now I have lower back pains. But I am thankful too that I am having a really good pregnancy!


Toni - January 29

Hello Ladies...Thank you so much for replying to me. I am really sorry that I have not been able to to reply too, my computer was acting up for quite some time. well, after all those symptoms told you about, I really thought I was preggie. AF is due 2morrow, I could not wait any longer so I went and took a pregnancy test it was negative. I am really disappointed and sad. I am 21 and recently married and still in college. I was no tcc but just thinking about a litttle person growing inside of me is overwelming. Is there any chance I might still be and the hormone did not show yet?


Toni - January 29

Hi Lou. Did you take the pregnancy test? Let me know..


Toni - January 29

Thank you very much Lou..May..Lyn and the besl of all luck to you Ladies. Desire!!! You are almost in the same situation as me. I guess we keep testing.


lou - February 3

hi! sorry it has taken me so long to reply. Yep AF came 2 days late. i was really excited and took 2 pg tests (both neg of course). oh well....maybe this month will be 'the' month :)


Naz - February 9

I am so pleased to hear that my same concerns are shared by someone else. I'm expecting my period today but I've had period like symptoms for almost 2 weeks now. My husband and I were actually trying to have a baby but I hate waiting to find out. I have however "spotted' but once it was light..and the second time it was like a waterfall for a minute then it was gone. I'm actually scared and it's too early for a pg test. I guess all I can do is wait to see if AF comes.


Sabrina - February 9

I am goind through the exact same thing as you Toni, and I am two days away from AF. I havebeen reading all sorts of doc_ments and comments on various medical websites, and they all agree to say that only a small percentage of pregnant women experience implantation. I hope you are a bit relieved:) and I hope you get the results you wish for.



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