Early Pregnancy Symptoms Or Ovarian Cysts Symptoms

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Toni - January 24

My periode is due friday Jan 28. (Have been having a lot of unprotected s_x with my husband).For the past two weeks I have been feeling a lot of cramps (periode-like menstrual cramps, twinges, sometimes on the left or right or all around). I have been feeling also gassy, bloated to the point that my belly becomes enlarge and swollen. I have headaches, lower back pain, nausea, swollen br___t, a little itchy from time to time. I can't call those PMS symptoms because they are much more intense and I don't have PMS that early anyway.I just came from the emergency room tonight because I didn't know what was going on. The doctor took a urine pregnancy test but it was negative. Don't you think it might be too early to detect the hormone? I am about 6 days away from my periode and she reassured me that those are very sensitive test and if I were prego it would have shown but somehow I don't trust her and I want to retest again if I miss my periode. She said I might have an ovarian cyst instead according to some of the symptoms I told her. I have to do an ultrasound to make sure I don't have a cyst. Don't you think I should retest for the pregnancy? Is there any chance I might have ovarian cyst according to some of those symptoms? Anyone who have a clue , please let me know. It will be greatly appreciated because all I can do is to wait.....and you know how painful that can be. Thank you!!!!!


Amma - January 24

If I were you I would take the test agaoin to rea__sure yourself - then at least you will be more certain you are not pregnant, and maybe just having a bad week, - then go for the scan to be completely sure. No point messing about with these things - if something is wrong, fix it quick as you can Good luck


anon - January 25

Hi Toni I think some of your symptoms sound like you may have an ovarian cyst although they're so varied it could be a lot of things. I think it's perhaps unlikely that you're pregnant as I believe the hormone shows up more or less straight away in your urine. I had an operation to remove an ovarian cyst on my left side a few months ago. I have had numerous gynae problems and have had my right ovary and tube removed after my tube twisted. It isn't uncommon for women to develop cysts and in fact most do during or just prior to their period. However, they normally resolve themselves and disappear. In both instances I had excrutiating pain in my abdomen (where your ovaries are) and I did at some points feel bloated. You should insist that you have a scan straight away to rule out anything more serious. I hope everything goes ok. Good luck!


Anna - January 25

Tony, I have same thing, but also I had spottings, and now I still have brownish spottings all day, and when I go to the bathroom little blood clots come out! Does anyone know whats going on? Thanks


Lyn - February 10

Hi Tony. It seems we are in the same boat. I am facing the same problem as you and has done two preg. test which turns our negative but still I am unsure. Let's hope someone can help.



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