Early Ultrasound Accuracy

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Lindsey04 - February 7

This is kinda long so bare with me... My LMP was April 24, 2005, but my periods are irregular, it's not uncommon for me to skip a month and not have a period. I had intercourse on May 3 and again between May 20-25. I took a pregnancy test on June 8 and it was negative. I took one again on June 22 and it was positive. On July 12 I had my first doctors appt, according to my LMP I should have been 11 weeks, but an ultrasound put me at 9 weeks with a conception date on around May 22, 2005. I am now 39 weeks and I've always measured right on to where the ultrasound put me. I guess I just need some reassurance because depending on when I conceived (May 3 or the end of May) means a difference in Paternity, and now being so close I'm scared that the ultrasound was wrong and I conceived on May 3...which would be bad :( In your experience, is early ultrasound dating accurate? I'm really scared!!!


m - February 7

They can be off a week or 2 easily. But they are pretty accurate for the most part. Judging by everything you said, it sound to me like you conceived the end of May rather than the 3rd. Either way, congrats!! And good luck!


Lindsey04 - February 7

thanks for responding..I hope you are right


snickelfritz - February 7

If you have been consistent in your u/s dating, I think you're safe with a conception date near the end of the month. In the future, you might want to be careful having s_x with someone you wouldn't want to be connected with for a lifetime ;-) Good luck with the rest of your pregnancy! And LOTS of luck with labor!!


Alycia - February 7

My 9 1/2 week ultrasound put my conception date at 7 days before what it really was, but I think it's unusual for an early u/s to be off by much more than a week or so. I think the fact that you got a negative hpt on June 8 is a good sign when you combine it with the u/s estimate. Good luck to you!


Lindsey04 - February 7

thanks everyone, and snickelfritz I agree, I made the dumbest mistake of my life :(


Drew - February 7

In the end, the best idea is to get the paternity test after the baby is born. I don't know your circ_mstances, but I'm an honesty is the best policy girl, and if the father wants to know why you want the test, be honest. Even if the baby is his, these things still have a way of coming up out of the past and biting you in the b___t. I agree with snickelfritz as far as the dating goes. If you have been consistant, it's not likely that they're wrong. Good luck! :)


Lillie E - February 7

i went in for an u/s on march 31st, and i know my baby was conceived on feb 2nd, but it said i was 11 weeks along... they go by an average size and my midwife didnt trust the u/s either



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