Eating Friskies Hard Cat Food

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jace - May 11

i don't know why but i am having a craving for friskies hard cat food. i can't get enough of the smell and taste of it. my husband laughs at me when i eat it in the morning with a glass of milk and toast.whats wrong with me? my cats are mad at me and i think it's because im eating there food. what do i do?


Jen - May 11

ur joking right?


jace - May 11

jen.. im not joking its for real, ilike i said i can't get enough of it. i heard of something called pica and i think i got for "s" up yours , its not your problem its mine. anyways you should try it there good.


bev - May 11

jace, I'd be careful eating that stuff if I were food isn't regulated through the fda like human food is, so there is no telling what you are eating. maybe just try smelling it from now on, instead of actually eating it. i have heard of preggo women craving some very weird things, so you are definately NOT weird! Being prego can do some crazy things to you! Good luck!


karin - May 11

it's not that uncommen to have such weird cravings. it's called PICA and alot of woman get it, its where they crave strane things like soap and other weird things. when i was pregnant with my last baby i craved moth b___s and now with this pregnancy i crave weed killer. don't let the people on here bother you jace im here for you, i know what your going through..hang in there and enjoy those friskies..Meow


Tigerphoenix - May 11

Believe it or not, eating cat or dog food wont do you any harm. Who do you think taste test this stuff. Got news for you its not fido or fefe. Heck I used to snack on Horse feed. All it is is wheat and molasis. Just check with your doctor about it and make sure there is no additives like MSM in the food (this is used to help joints). I wouldn't recomend eating it but hey your body wants it for some reason. You sure your not a reincarnated cat?!


karin - May 11

ever since my hubby started using weed killer on the yard and i got a wiff of it, ive gone weed killer crazy. i know you think im full of S**T, but it's true.


s - May 11

you have got to be kidding me!!!!! Have you tried it yet?


bev - May 11

to tigerphoenix...actually yes they do have dogs and cats taste test pet food. what is palatable to humans is not always palatable to animals, so I'm sorry but no humans don't taste test pet food, because they have to know if animals will like it. And it isn't regulated by the fda, like I said before, so no it isn't up to "human" standards.


LYNN - May 11



minx - May 11

You have PICA. Consult your doctor and see if you could find out what vitamins/minerals you may need. Lack of a certain nutrient usually triggers the cravings for 'strange' things. For 's': you're obviously uninformed about this subject. Read up about PICA before you post another message for Jace here.


jada - May 11

Im 25 weeks preg and I crave ben gay and I also have a craving moth b___s. dont give these girls to much c___p, its just a condition that will go away after you have your baby.


? - May 11

I don't care about PICA, I CRAVE a cigarette so bad right now I can't stand it.....but I don't. I can understand eating weird stuff, but with toast and milk.....someone thinking their cats are mad at them for eating there food...sounds like we are dealing with something else besides PICA


minx - May 11

To '?': yeah, a sense of humor? *lol. To Jace: You're funny and I think this new eating habit will bond you closer to your cats :). Seriously though, read my previous message.


Tigerphoenix - May 11

Yes there are animal taste testers as well. I should have worded that better. My apoligies. But they do have humans taste test. I think they do it for flavor or something. I will have to research it more but I did see a special on it a few years back.


Amanda - May 11

im not craving a weird thing to eat. but im craving a weird smell, i love the smells that come from a barn, like the smell of our chicken coop and the smell of our manure from our horses and cows. good luck to all you out there.


... - May 11

actually her cats could be acting angry with her...i know if i am playing with my cat and i take her little mouse toy she loves and put it in my mouth she looks at me with this look of hatred...some people are just way closer to their animals than others you guys, this lady is just fine, quit talking bad about her! everyone needs to learn to be a bit nicer on these boards or people will quit posting.



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