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karen - December 13

Hey,i am pretty new to all this computer stuff.can any one tell me -if you want to order something from ebay do have to use credit cards?or can you send checks and money orders?because i was wanting to see what kind of winnie the pooh stuff i can find on ebay because thats what im doing my babys room in.


Kiddolebel - December 13

its up to the seller what they take. A lot of them take paypal, checks, money orders. have fun ebaying =)


Lin - December 14

The very large majority of people in the US accept Paypal, so if you're there (or Canada), then your best bet is to open a Paypal account. You can link your bank account and credit cards to the Paypal account and pay via Paypal directly out of your account or by credit card. If you're in Europe, then you can transfer money directly from your bank account to theirs within the Euro zone for no charge. Outside of the Euro zone (i.e. UK), then you're best off with Paypal. Ask me any other Ebay question. I used to spend loads of time on the Ebay message boards, so if there is a question I can't answer, I can at least point you in the right direction. Oh yeah, and in Australia, use Paymate - it's basically the Aussie Paypal.


Narcissus - December 14

You are safer using Paypal... When you send someone a money order, it's never a guarantee that you will get the product, or your money back. Personal checks must clear most banks (up to 10 business days) b4 the seller will ship your item. Make sure to ask the seller and do not a__sume, if the auction description is not clear. Paypal has protection policies for both buyers and sellers. Make sure to read them and follow their rules to be eligible. Most transactions that involve verified sellers and confirmed buyers are eligible for protection.


Lin - December 14

One thing to note as well is that you're safest as a buyer using Paypal to pay with your credit card in international transactions. There is no protection for either, but you can easily call your credit card and do a chargeback if there are any problems. That said, it's the *least* safe way to accept payment on international transactions for the seller...so if you ever plan to sell internationally, make sure that your international buyers know that they will have to pay from their paypal balance and not their credit card...


Narcissus - December 14

Lin, there is no way to decipher btw a balance transfer and a cc payment from international buyers. They could use a cc and you would have no way to know. I called PP about this very issue. I always listed Western Union's Auction Payments for them. They could buy a money online with their cc, and the money order was sent to me by Western Union, on their behalf. They were left with the fee as well:) A confirmation email was sent to me within a day of their online payment so I could be sure they paid.


Lin - December 14

Well, one way that you could allow international customers to pay you via Paypal would be to simply have a separate Paypal account that doesn't accept credit card payments. The basic accounts don't - you have to get a premium one to do so. Accept the non-credit card payments from international buyers on the basic account, and then send the cash over to your premium account once it's there. Easy peasy. Of course, this makes things a bit more difficult as far as the automated check-out goes, but at least it allows people to send money to you easier.


karen - December 15

i dont have a credit card or a bank account.it would suck to send a money order and not receive my merchandise.how do i find stuff on ebay if i decide to check it out?do i type in ebay or a certain other name or what?


Lin - December 15

Uh, Karen, how do you function on a daily basis without a bank account? Do you keep your money in a mattress? There is no safe way to do business on Ebay without at least a bank account. Sorry. As you said, money orders aren't really safe.


Narcissus - December 15

karen, do a basic keyword search in the "search" box on eBay's homepage. If you are going to send a money order, make sure it's one that can be traced (bank money order) and use a secure form to mail it with (certified or registered), depending of course on how much the order is for. Only buy from sellers with excellent feedback and a high number of feedbacks. Avoid sellers with feedbacks in the tens of thousands bc they often have lots of negatives and poor conflict resolution. They are usually too busy...Usually they are companies that have an eBay account to sell their product from. Only use sellers like that if you use Paypal and can dispute a transaction if it does not go your way.



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