Ecotopic Pregnancy

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help - December 9

well i have syptoms of being pregnant and i took 6 tests and 3 came back positive and 3 back negative. i had spotting but missed my period..then spotting came back again..could this be ecotopic pregnancy? if it is, wat are risks of it?


help - December 9

also i have pains on my lower right side of my stomach..and sometimes itll go to my left but rarely


Amy - December 9

Get it cheacked imediatly! If that is, in fact, what it is, then I'm afraid its bad news! My Aunte had one a few years ago. The pain will eventually become excruciating! You will (I am deeply sorry to say) lose the baby. They will HAVE to remove the egg! If they didn't it would lead to 'Peritionitis', which is fatal to you! I am so very sorry, and really hope that your NOT suffering an Ecotopic Pregnancy! x


help - December 10

thanks for ur help amy!! i also hope im not having an ecotopic pregnancy because me and my husband would dearly love to have a child..i hope i have good luck and everything comes out okay!


jenny - December 10

i had ectopic which ruptured, i had to have my right fallopian tube removed. I did not know i was pregnant as had visited the doctor to tell him i had been on my period non-stop for 3 weeks, which i didn't think was normal. he told me it was normal. a few days later, pain crept in, only on one side, it got progressively worse over a few hours to the point where i could not stand (you kinda know when to take yourself off to hospital!!) all ok now though. That was about 5 years ago and I am now 6 weeks pregnant after trying for only 4 months. If you are concerned, you can have what i had today, an early scan and they will check that the sac is in your uterus and not your fallopian tube or ovary. generally normal pregnancy growing pains will come and go and vary from side to front to both where as ectopic is very sudden and doesnt go until they remove it and is very much on one side. hope this helps


nancy - March 30

i have a lot of cramping and lower back pain with some spotting my stomach is not getting bigger at all i am supposed to be 7 to 8 weeks could this be a false reading



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