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rene - April 5

i'm about 71/2 week preg. i have been having abdominal pains in my lower side of my stomach. i also have been having alot of gas, can this be in result of an ectopic pregnancy


?? - April 5

are you having severe pains on the side? also any bleeding,nausia, dizziness? trust me if it were ectopic. you would know.. its a double over pain.. I had one I was 3 mos preg.. it started to rupture, had to have emergency surgery.. they removed my tube..


raye lynn - April 5

about the same time, i have the same symptoms. everything turned out fine and i am now at 16 weeks and well. i would get it checked by a doctor ASAP. But, it more than likely is fine.


Foxy - April 5

Never had an ectopic, so I don't know what it feels like but I often suffer with a build up of gas on the left side of my lower abdomen, which gives me a sharp stabbing pain. It's painful enough to make me catch my breath and it can last for a few hours. It may be just this, as pregnancy can make you more ga__sy, even in the early weeks. Best to check with your doctor, but you're probably ok if you're not bleeding at all.


Lovely - April 6

An ectopic pregnancy is felt one one side of the abdomen, and comes along with brown spotting. If you are almost 8 weeks, it's close to the rupturing point. If you feel a pain in your shoulder as well, you should head to the nearest emergency room. Pain in your shoulder would be from a ruptured tube that is bleeding into your diaphram, and presses on nerves connected to your shoulder. Don't be afraid to have it checked out, anyway! My 5th pregnancy was ectopic, and I laughed when the dr suggested that... but she ended up right! I guess some dr's know their stuff after all!


C - April 7

The bast thing to do is go to your doctor.So that you will know that you and your unborn child is healthy


donna - June 26

am about 4 week i have very little pain from 1 to10 i would say it a 1 or 2 just a little scare


Cindy - June 26

If there's no bleeding, and the pain does not make you feel like you are pa__sing out--it's probably just your uterus expanding to accommodate the little one growing inside of you. It'd be like a feeling of 'pulling' or a little 'pinching'... haha, the gas thing is normal. Had that too especially around that time. I'm 20 weeks now.


Judy - July 13

I'm about 8 1/2 weeks and for about 2 weeks, I've had this pressure on my right side. I went in to see my doctor and he said that as long as I had the other symptoms of pregnancy and that it was pressure and not PAIN, he said it was a normal pregnancy. Did anyone who had an ectopic have this ongoing pressure on one side? Again, absolutely no pain... feels more like something is pressing against something on my right side.


Allie - July 13

Judy - I didn't have any pain at all until the day my tube ruptured (11 weeks 1 day pregnant)...I had some uncomfortableness, some spotting, but the dr's blew it off...I almost died in the bathroom at work when it ruptured, lost the tube as well. If you have any suspicions I would ask for an ultrasound; you should be far enough along to see the baby by now. I will pray for you that your baby is in your womb!



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