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MM - September 7

Has anyone had an ectopic pregnancy? If I am pregnant, it would only be 18 days today...and instead of having a period, I've had a very light spotting for the past 4 days. What other symptoms has anyone else experienced?


? - September 7

im not to sure what ectopic means


MM and ? - September 7

first of all, an ectopic pregnancy is when the fertilized egg implants itself in the falopian tube instead of the uterus. Its pretty rare, but happens. For MM: are you experiencing any cramping and/or heavy bleeding? normally ectopic is extreme cramping with some bleeding......even though I have read a couple womens postings on this site who said they did not bleed a whole lot. I really would not be able to tell you what you are experiencing. Have you made an appt with your dr yet? you could always just call your Dr's office and explain to them what you feel, and see what they say. hope this helps.


Jenn - September 7

MM - Eptopic pregnancy is not all that rare. I'm finding this out after experiencing one. Some women bleed, some women don't. You could experience sharp pains on one side or the other; lightheadedness. My only symptom - the most unbearable pain I have ever had in my life (labor was better than this pain) I couldn't walk the pain was so bad - that was all I had. I was 6.5 weeks. If you think it's an eptopic you should call your doctor. It's deadly if it goes untreated, you could rupture a tube and lose the tube as well. I've been told that if you are in fact bleeding (any time during pregancy bleeding is not good) you need to see your doctor. Good luck.


Charlene - September 7

I had an ectopic 2 years ago. I had a very light period the first month and then spotting the next. I had absolutely no pain. My Dr suspected an ectopic and I was scheduled for an u/s. That day, just after a shower, I could hardly stand I was so dizzy. I had to call an ambulance. The ectopic had ruptured and I needed emergency surgery. I was 9 weeks. They saved my life, but I lost a tube. I am now 14 weeks pregnant, but had an early u/s to rule out another ectopic. Please see your Dr. Ectopic pregnancies need to be treated early!!!


!!!! - September 7

I doubt if it is a eptopic pregnancy, most of the time women have a very light period the first mth to let them know that they may be pregnant. This is vcery normal to have light spotting. And i also heard that with the eptopic pregnancy the most common sign is pressure near your shoulder and a very sharp pain in the lower part of your stomach.



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