Education For Grandparents

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Kaye - November 21

Can anyone offer some help as far as a book orsomething else I can buy for my parents to read before our baby comes? Things change so much fromt he time my parents had us to now that I wanted to give something to them to help bring them up to speed. My mom was pregnant during the time drinking and smoking was fine, of course she knows better now and I know they'd love to read any info on this my Mom reads my Week by week book she never had any of this when she was having babies. So it's a new experience for them too.


Lynn - November 21

Check with the hospital that you plan on delivering at, many of them offer "Grandparents to Be" programs to bring them up to speed on th enewest stuff. I took an "Infant safety & CPR" course that I'm going to "require" grandma & grandpa to take before they can get the baby for any extended period of time. My mom & dad didn't even have carseats for us when we were little, my mom got one from my aunt and a__sumed they were all the same, but it isn't for infants & she couldn't grasp the concept of some carseats are only good for certain weights of the children. Then she was just going to buy one at a garage sale until I explained to her that she wasn't putting my child in a used carseat that she had no idea if it had ever been in an accident of anything!


to Lynn - November 21

Thanks! Our moms sound very similar. There is a cla__s but it's at a Hospital downtown which opens a new problem, fear of going to far from home. I'll check with other Hosp in area.


Becky - November 21

I just know that my mom is going to tell my husband and me how to parent, not in a b___hy way, but in the way that anything other than her way isn't the right way. I will cross my fingers and hope she won't, but if she does, what can I say or do to make her understand that times have changed, and each parent is different? And that just because something "never hurt you when you were a kid" doesn't mean it wasn't just luck? And Lynn, my mom totally doesn't understand why cheap items at stores and garage sales aren't necessarily as safe as others!


HH - November 21

Lynn, Great idea about the baby CPR cla__s. I'm going to do that and I'm taking everyone with me if I can! Kaye, I would just do an internet search for the grandparents' books. If there isn't one specifically for grandparents, a well-rounded early childcare-type book would do the trick. I don't know of any specific ones, though. Let us know what you find.


Kaye - November 22

Thanks I checked on line not too much found. I go to the Dr today so I'll ask if they have recommendations.


JULIE - November 22

I would give them some of your reading mateial.I bought What to expect When Your Expecting.It's a very informative book that not only answers ??by monthly development ,it lets you know what to expect.I dont think they have any books for grandparents,though.But this book has been my preg. bible. Good luck.Your local bookstore may have some really good suggestions for you too.



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