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HopefullYours - June 17

I am trying to get pg but my husband says he cannot stop withdrawing so I insert his semen manually with my fingers after ejaculation (sorry for the colorful details). Has anyone tried this?


Kristin72 - June 18

Many if not most of the s____n will die or become contaminated once they hit the air..or comein contact with your fingers. To try and insert the s____n manually will definitely not be as effective as if your husband did not withdrawl. Try to get him to ejauculate in you atleast around the time you are ovulating. You will have a better chance for sure.


guest - June 18

Not true. sperm do not die as soon as they hit the air. As long as they are kept moist( s____nal fluid) sperm can live. up to atleast an hour in the correct "environment" otherwise how could you explain artificial insemination. Men have to ejaculate into cups so obviously they do not die immediatly. It is possible to become pg through this action, but It is better if you could work on him not withdrawling. goodluck


Olivene - June 18

He can't stop? Why?


HopefullYours - June 18

I guess hes been withdrawing for so long he feels strange...I think he's nervous.


soimpatient - June 18

Nervous about being a parent? If so, I think you should stop TTC.


HopefullYours - June 20

10 days before I know if I am pg...Im pretty sure sperm does not die when it hits air bc in sperm banks donors deposit in cups...right?


Athom - June 20

It sounds like your honey isnt wanting to be pregnant. It seems it would be really easy to just keep going instead of pulling out... I would talk to him again and tell him its kinda hard to get pg without his help.


Suebee - June 21

Hopefull..no sperm does not die when it hits the air.. If that was the case then IVF wouldn't be successful would it... They still have to get the sperm from the male so if it hits the air and dies what good is that... NOT true.. I know a couple. The dh has ED (erectile dysfunction due to diabetes). Their doc said that he could ejaculate into a sterile cup and she could use a sterile syringe or pipette (or an oral dispenser-like a plastic needle if you will without the needle of course) to gather it up and then place the s____n into her v____a...You would do that as soon as he ejaculates into the cup. . It works cause they have 2 kids now...Hope it works for you to!


tiphanai - June 22

Yes, collect the sperm in a sterile container and let it stand while sealed or covered even for a few minutes. This allows the sperm to liquify a little bit. Then use a needless syringe to withdraw the sperm from the cup. Inject it into yourself and they say having an orgasm after doing so causes the cervix to contract and open, therefore making it easier for the sperm to go inside you. Believe me, this works


Erynn21 - June 22

I have to say he needs to stay inside you, my husband had been doing the withdrawl thing and was happy to not have to, first try and I was pg. Manually trying to get pregnant won't get the s____n in as far, and it also takes any of the fun out of making a baby. S_x is fun and function, we had s_x all the time and it was fun to be completely carefree, if he's that nervous is he ready? I would rea__ses the situation. I was a tad bit bummed that I got pregnant the first month I wanted a little more action, because now @ 29 wks I think we have had s_x about 5 times since I've been pregnant, it's not that I'm not s_xy, my hubby just sees me as carrying our baby and is concerned for our well being. He sees me mothering our child and wants us to be happy and healthy. I think you guys may need to have a talk.


LadyD - June 22

Sperm definetely does not die when it hits the air. If you go into "Signs of Pregnancy" & look under how long does sperm live, you'll see some informative answers to this question. And like others have stated, think about insimination. I do think it is more effective if he actually "finishes" inside you. Try this: When he is about to c_m, wrap your legs around him & pull him tight. I bet he won't pull out then...lol. BUT are you sure he's ready being that he keeps doing it? Maybe you need to talk & make sure this is right for the both of you. Does he witness you actually trying to insert it yourself?


HopefullYours - June 23

Thanks for all your responses. I will post next week if it worked or not I will try the syringe or the leg grip technique...lol...this way is really not the s_xiest, at least not to me, but....


Kristin72 - June 23

Many of the sperm do die once they hit air after a very short period of time. The artificial insemination cups you are talking about are quickly capped to keep from cantamination and drying out and dying.


oz - June 24

Hey here is an idea - just when he is about to orgasm jump on top and dont let him pull out :) Just pin him down to the bed/couch/carseat or whatever other place you might be getting jiggy with it and dont let him out :)


artstudent30 - June 26

Any update? like pre test symptoms?? Im in the exact same position as you except I cant test until 2nd July earliest. My husband couldnt continue inside me so he finished in his had and i scooped it up and inserted it myself! It was definitely on a furtile day as I was doing ovulation tests and i got the smiley face for the first time so i thing it was the day before ovulation. Im so desperate for it to have worked but i know the chances are slim, your story is givng me hope so i really hope you do get your bfp!


artstudent30 - June 26

sorry for the spelling mistakes i do know how to spell fertile but i have 3 kids climbing all over me and fighting while i try to type! Also i meant finished in his hand not his had!



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