Effects Of Bc Pills If Pregnant

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daisy - August 29

I recently had a miscarriage and I think I had my first menstrual period after only 20 days. That period seemed to be very light and lasted for 1 1/2 - 2 days and took contraceptive pills. Me and husband had intimitate moments prior to the considered period and I took contraceptive pills on the first day and still taking it. If I am mistaken and found out to be preggo again, would the pills going to hurt the baby?


- August 29

yes, talking the pill while pregnant can/will make u miscarry again. so if u think that ur pregnant go get a blood test so it dont happen again


Erin - August 29

Most people will tell you no... that bcp's taken for a short time in early pg, won't hurt the baby. But as soon as you know you're pg, you should stop taking them. I got pg on Ortho Tri Cyclen Lo last month and m/c at about 6 weeks. I do blame the bcp. If you are on a combination pill, there are several ways it works. First, it is supposed to prevent ovulation (in my case it didn't). Then, it makes the mucus so thick that it prevents fertilization (again, in my case, it didn't). In case the egg is fertilized, it also makes the uterus an inhospitable environment so that implantation is prevented. In my case, implantation occurred, but I think it was so inhospitable that the implantation was eventually unsuccessful. Does that make sense? But, I have known of SEVERAL ladies who had successful pregnancies that started while on bcp. So, no it doesn't necessarily cause m/c.


daisy - August 29

thanks! I am not sure if i am pregnant and i am not sure if it was af the came out after m/c. i think it is so i took BCP but not discounting the fact that I am pregnant maybe. I am just 23 days after m/c and afraid to get pregnant again because of the trauma. I am afraid to hurt the baby if ever i got preggy again....i am in a dilemna right now. Home pregnancy test said it is negative though. CONFUSED by the last flow if it was menstruation or just another bleeding in my mid-cycle.


Jessie V - August 30

I am 25 weeks pg with my first child. I got pg on the pill. I took the pill for a month before I even knew I was pg. I was 8 weeks before I missed a pd. My Dr told me I did nothing to harm my baby all I did was double my harmone levels. He is healthy and is due Dec 9.



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