Elected For Jury Duty How Is It Like

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The confused - October 20

Hi, I have to go on Jury Duty next week. The appointment stated that I could be excused with a doctor's note if I am an expectant mother, but the doctor said she won't do it because I am medically fine. I will be 32 weeks next week. What do you think about that? Another question, have you been on jury duty or someone that you know? How long could it take? What adjective/s would you use to describe your experience? Do you think they'll send me back when they notice my pregnancy? (If they do, 'cause I wear very wide clothes). Do you need to talk during your service? do they ask you questions before? About what? How do the rest of the team then gather up and decide a veredict? By votes? How do they hand in the results? Who and how announces to the judge the results? Thanks!


kb - October 20

Jury duty is no big deal. I went in the springtime. You just go to register, wait in a big room, until they call your name, then you go into a court room, hear a little about the case. The judge will go around the room and ask everyone to tell their name, where they work, about their family life, and then each side gets a chance to ask specific questions to each potential juror. This is to weed out any prejudices. If you have one-speak up and you will get taken out of jury duty right there. After they are done questioning everyone, they read off the names of everyone who they picked for the jury. I wasn't picked, so I got to leave at that point. But being pregnant won't affect jury duty, and the length depends on the trial itself, which you may not even have to go to. Good Luck


A - October 20

You may not even have to do anything. Firstly, they call in a pool of potential jurors - it can be a couple hundred. Out of those couple hundred, there could be anywhere from one to several cases that need a jury, so they break people into groups until they have the right amount (after the questioning, as stated above). The rest of the people (the majority) go home. In one instance with my father, the case he was a__signed to settled the next day, so he ended up not having to go again! IF you are selected, the length totally depends on your case. You may just be having to listen to a one-day DWI file; or you may end up in an OJ Simpson courtroom. When you are questioned, just be very honest. It is important. And especially if you see that this case does not look like a quicky. Remind the judge you are at the end of your pregnancy, so if this trial is expected to last longer than a couple of weeks, they might be finding a replacement for you anyhow, because you could very well be in labor/too exhausted to do it. Also be honest about your biases. With me, I am fiercely political, but try to avoid jury duty because I really honestly have the most difficult time telling a liar from an honest man. When I hear a case, I can be convinced on either side. It's too much stress and makes for an unfair verdict. That will usually disqualify you. Anyhow, I wouldn't be surprised if the pregnancy did. If they are calling in dozens of people for just one case, I am sure they will take many un-pregnant, less uncomfortable individuals than to take a woman who could go into labor in the middle of the trial! (Tip: if you want it known you're pregnant, wear a shirt that will showcase your belly and make sure the judge knows!)


RL - October 20

I had jury duty a couple of months ago and it really is not a big deal if you do get called they will ask you if you have a problem with being there longer than 3 days and you can let them know then your pregnant most cases are only a day...I found it quite exciting I did not get picked for a jury I did have to go into a court room and had to answer a few questions but for the most part I just sat a read a book my job pays you if you have to go so I looked at it as I am getting paid to sit and read all day...good luck


The confused - October 20

Thanks Girls! LOL, I don't work, but I wish I wouldn't have to stay more than one day. It would be stressful, specially if it is a criminal case. I have a big belly now, but don't know if they will really notice from the first instance because my clothes garments belong to my religion. I cover my hair and my body. I am more than glad to be there, it is a unique experience, for one day only, LOL!. If I stay though, it will not be a big deal. But, would they (I'm talking about anyone) get political or something for my religious outfit, which I wear every single day, and feel very comfortable, proud, and glad about it? What do you all personally think?


to confused - October 20

Depending on the case it could disqualify you, but just about anything could as people pointed out before. The judge and the lawyers have some say in who is picked for each case. Any of these people could disqualify you for any reason. From the lawyers stand point they really want to get jurors that would best help the case they are trying to make, the judge (hopefully) would just like fair and impartial jurors. The lawyers should want this too, but it doesn't always work out that way.


kr - October 20

I did not even have to show up at the office. You can ask to be deferred if you are pregnant.


mom42 - October 20

I have done it twice. Once before kids, once while pregnant. The first time, I was onthe jury and it was pretty interesting (except the taped depositions from the chiropractors...), plus they fed us! This last time, I was 8.5 months pregnant. I went and made sure to mention it when they asked about me. I didn't need to worry, though, because one of my students worked PT for the law firm and saw my name on the list and gave them a heads-up about my condition. I deferred both times once, because they called me during the busiest period of the year for my job. I just made sure to tell them that I was not trying to get out of it, just wanted to move it to a different time. When I was PG, I decided to go through with it then, rather than defer, because having a baby at home is not always a good enough excuse to defer later. The first time I was on jury duty, a lady brought in her baby with her to show that she had no one else to care for him. The judge was brutal, questioned her about every detail of the care of her child and yelled at her to be back the following week without the baby. Once he left, he told us (we were all shocked) that this happens all the time. People bring kids to try to get out of jury duty, so he is not at all lenient. I would get it over with while PG, if you can.


Jbear - October 23

I wouldn't have been able to sit that long when I was 32 weeks pregnant. I think if it were me, I'd let the judge know about my condition, and tell them I had to urinate every thirty minutes and would that disrupt the proceedings too much? Ordinarily jury duty would be interesting to me, but when I was that far along in my pregnancy, I couldn't sit for long because of sciatica and I really did have to pee that often, so I wouldn't have felt guilty about trying to get out of it.


HJ - October 23

I wasnt pregnant before finding out that I had been called. It depends on your state of residence. My state makes you go the first day and sit there--they call the jury by lottry system. Once the jury is confirmed by both lawyers then everyone not on the jury is free to leave. We sat there from 8-11:30 and 1:30-3 while they confirmed the jury and we did not have to go back if we were not seated. It wasnt so bad--take a book to read.



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