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Sweet Thing - December 21

Anyone out there decided that they already want the csection to a normal labor and delivery? I have crohns disease (inactive right now) and have had surgery about 3 years ago. I also have problems with tearing around the r___m so i realllly dont like the idea of putting soo much strain on my body. Anyone have same thoughts (strain on body) and talked to their docs about it? Are doctors good with letting you choose?


Jenn - December 21

hi sweet thing, I had an emergency c with my first, and me and my doc have decided to go with a planned c for this pregnancy. For your situation though, I think that you have a valid reason to request one. You should definitely speak to your Ob about this and to your general doc that you see for the desease to see if there are concerns for you to deliver v____ally. Make sure that your OB is aware of the disease and maybe you should have your general doc fax your file to your ob if they don't already have that info. -see what your ob has to say, or just ask. But I would do it soon because if you really want to do the c instead of regular birth you can look arounf for a doc that is willing to do it. I personally don't know if docs just let you choose, but you could call and see. I would definitely be concerned bc that is a lot of strain and if your prone to tearing, you could end up with serious problems having a v____al...good luck to you!!


Hi Sweet Thing - December 21

I have opted for a C-section as well. I have problems with my hips and I've had rectal fissures as well. My doctor said that was good enough for him and scheduled one right away. I'm relieved!


Been There - December 21

I had to have a C-Section with my second. I'm actually happy to have the choice right now. My doctor gave the option, but seemed very happy I said C-Section because she just thinks it will be better for me and the baby. Go for it!


L - December 21

I'm pregnant with my first and my dr has given me the option of a c-section. I fractured my vertebrae in 3 places several years ago and when it bothers me I can't walk or sit up for days at a time. When I was under the care of my orthopedic surgeon, he recommended that I consider a c-section so that I don't stress my back so much. When I became pregnant I discussed this conversation with my ob/gyn and he had no problem with it....as long as you have a valid medical reason most doctors will allow you the decision. Its unnecessary, "I don't want to be in pain" c-sectiosn that most drs have a problem with.


Drew - December 22

Hi! I have irritable bowel, and was also given the choice of c-section if I wanted. I decided not to, only because I have given birth once before with this problem and was relativly ok. Mine is inactive right now too, pregnancy has seemed to change things. I'd imagine if the doctor knows your history with the disease, how it affects you and the procedures you've had for it they would be more than happy to let you decide. This question is a little off the topic, and maybe you won't want to answer (thats cool!) but have you had any issues with constipation with pregnancy? I'm so used to having constant diarreah, especially after eating, that I'm not used to going maybe every 2 days! Sorry, probably tmi, but I don't know alot of other pregnant women with bowel issues to talk to! Anyway, good luck! :)



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