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concerned... - October 25

hey girls, i understand that everyone worries about labour and i may be being overly cautious, but i was just wondering if its possible to ask for a cesrean birth? ive watched my sister give birth naturally and it really is a beautiful thing, but something just seems safer about c-sections. im not worried about the pain, i think i just the way c-section births are planned... i mean you pick a time a date and everything just flows where as you never know what to expect with a natural birth? has anyone else felt this way? before my pregnancy i was always up for natural birth, but now i worry about my unborn child... any advice would be much appreciated!


to concerned... - October 25

To have a c-section is a major surgery and a lot of trauma on your body. If there is no medical reason for one you really shouldn't want one. Most doctors won't do an elective one any way. With a c-section there are many more permanent complications that can be left for your body to deal with. Longer recovery included (no jumping out of bed that first day and oogling over your sleeping baby - you have to do it from your bed). If the baby isn't in distress or the wrong position ect and your are doing okay with the monitors then it really would be a bad choice - if your doc even lets you make that choice.


Kal - October 25

I don't want to be the crow of doom, but there's a slim chance of c-sections going wrong too. A friend of mine had one, but it went horribly wrong afterwards...she lost a lot of blood and could have died. And she really regretted that she missed the first day of her baby's life, as she had to be back in surgery. Everyone else I know who's had a c-section had wished for a v____al birth, purely because of how difficult life is afterwards. Try to remember - v____al births are what nature intended...they're the way things are supposed to happen. If the worst happened and things didn't go exactly to plan, you'll be surrounded by professionals who'll be able to ensure the safety of your baby. Maybe you could have a chat with your doctor or midwife about your concerns, and see what they say?


Erin - October 25

I had a c-section and have to agree that they should be only done in cases of necessity. I lost A LOT of blood and was going to need a transfusion but thankfully my OB decided to give me a bit more time and with the help of medication, my iron level slowly pulled itself up. Also, my incision reopened a few days after I was out of the hospital and I had to go through cleaning the inside of it (not fun) and some other issues I wouldn't have had to deal with if I'd delivered v____ally. I was also in so much pain immediately after the surgery that they gave me two shots of morphine and finally something to knock me out, so I didnt' get to hold my baby until the next morning. That being said, I don't feel like I missed out on anything or had less of a birth. And if I get pg again, I'll probably have another c-section, rather than try a VBAC. But, to just have a section because you think it might work out easier isn't wise. Good luck to you though!


~m~ - October 25

With my first son, he was breech, so I had to have a C because he was dropping and not changing positions. I refused to let them try and manually "turn" him because I heard too many horror stories on that procedure. Anyhoo, with my 2nd son, I had the option of vbac, but I chose another C due to the fear of my internal scar ripping during labor/childbirth. I didn't have what you would call major complications with either C, however, it does take a while to recover, and it can be a very painful process. And the scar (even though low and not very wide) isn't very pretty. I know that's just cosmetic, but something to think about. If given a choice, I would have gone the v____al route with baby #1. Now with #3 on the way, I no longer have a choice, so I'll never get to experience v____al delivery. I am not trying to sway you one way or the other, I am just telling you my story. Good luck with whatever you decide!


to concerned- - October 25

Women labor in differnt ways-you could possibly go throw labor with little discomfort especially with an epidural. If I were you-I would go v____al with the epidural if you are afraid of the pain-because a Csection is a very painful thing for about 4-6weeks and I have seen women get up the next day, pop a pain pill and be fine. And, you can be induced if your worried about waiting for too long.


D - October 25

My sister says c-section is the only way to go. Less stress on the baby and the mom's body (according to her). She wants me to ask for one but I think I will try v____al and if a c-section is needed I won't stress over it.


Jamie - October 25

I had to have a c-section after 24 hours of labor; I regret it so much, words can't describe - I feel like I was robbed of the birthing experience, and of a certain bond with my child. Also, I'm angry, because I know that most hospitals will try to force me to have a c-section with every future pregnancy, for insurance reasons.



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